Doshii and Mr Yum integration scores The Local Taphouse a 20% revenue spike

Justin runs The Local Taphouse in St Kilda, Melbourne – an award winning European inspired neighbourhood tavern specialising in craft beer. 

As you can imagine, there’s a pretty lengthy beer list at The Local Taphouse but behind the scenes there’s actually just as much tech. From inventory management through to accounting software, Justin reckons the TapHouse is leveraging around 20 pieces of individual software to run the business at any one time, from front of house to back of house. 

And that’s where Doshii comes in. 

At the start of 2020 Justin already had integration on his mind, to ensure the business continued to grow and run smoothly. So, when he decided to leverage Mr Yum for digital table ordering he made sure the service integrated directly into his impos POS.

“We went to Mr Yum because we could see the benefits to customer service. Not having to get up and queue for another round and stay at the table socialising with friends and family – it’s a no brainer.

“What we didn’t expect was the increase in spend per head from customers. Customers ordering at table via Mr Yum on average spend 20% more,” said Justin.

Around 30% of customers at The Local Taphouse are using the digital order at table service and due to the integration between Mr Yum, Doshii and impos POS, Justin’s staff don’t have to re-enter the orders from app to POS – an inefficient and costly process that often results in errors.

“We didn’t want another iPad at the bar, or for staff to be manually re-entering orders. We just wanted a seamless process with easy reporting and that’s exactly what we got. The bonus of extra spend is simply icing on the cake,” added Justin.

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Advieh saves 30 seconds per order with Doshii & Mr Yum!

Ask any Melburnian who happens to live on the westside: Advieh and Advi’s Falafels are institutions. The middle-eastern and mediterranean inspired cafés have been providing vegan and vegetarian fare to locals for over 10 years. 

Gene, who founded the business with his mother Sandra, describes himself as an ‘old school operator’. Despite this, Gene leant into technology during 2020 and quickly saw the benefits of digital ordering in a socially-restricted Melbourne. 

Gene decided to use Mr Yum & Doshii to facilitate at-table ordering and takeaways (the unfortunate reality of much of 2020 and 2021). Initially it was Gene’s motivation to increase customer safety and hygiene that led him to Mr Yum, but by connecting it with Doshii, Gene is thrilled with the added benefit of keeping things efficient and easy to manage. 

With Doshii, Mr Yum seamlessly connects to Gene’s POS, impos, helping Gene to save on costs & resources whilst improving customer satisfaction and safety. 

Gene says, “In a traditional way it takes around 30 seconds from both the customer and member of staff to complete an order end to end. But with the Mr Yum and Doshii integration, once the order is complete and payment is made, the order’s sent directly to the POS via Doshii and prints out at the relevant area, reducing costs associated with staff and resulting in faster orders.” 

“Often we have large groups of customers and it’s so much easier to manage via Mr Yum and Doshii. So I came for the contactless ordering due to COVID-19 safety rules, but stayed for the long-term business benefits.”

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DQ and Doshii help Billboard bounce back after lockdown


Billboards Saturdays

Victoria had just announced it was coming out of lockdown and every restaurant and bar was working out how to open back up, stay covid-safe and give a good experience to returning customers. 

For Melbourne icon Billboard, this suddenly meant a very different type of operation with only table service allowed, not to mention significant limits on capacity. 

Now for non Melbourne based readers, Billboard is a unique nightclub – a venue surrounded on three sides by bars – so moving to table service was always going to be a big shift. 

But, with the help of DQ, the contactless ordering app that lets guests browse menus, order & then pay instantly at their table, Billboard adapted to the ‘new normal’ quickly. In fact, DQ was the only ordering mechanism for Billboard until standard service was permitted to resume across Victorian venues. 

However, with multiple orders coming through every minute it was essential for Billboard to be able to consolidate all records directly into their connected POS, something made possible with Doshii. Now, leveraging the Doshii API, the Billboard team could amend pricing and menu items on the fly whilst keeping track of every order via the DQ app.

“In those first few weeks after lockdown the last thing we wanted to worry about was all the complexity that can come with managing new tech and systems, but Doshii and DQ together made it all a breeze. Not having to rekey orders from the app into our POS system, Impos, saved us crucial time and labour costs in those early days especially, and it ensured perfect record keeping whilst we focused on getting our venue up and running, serving customers and kicking goals,” said Nev from Billboards. 

Any venue that leverages the DQ app is instantly able to extend its service capabilities and improve labour productivity. With the Doshii connection, orders are seamlessly delivered to a connected POS and menu items are synchronised in real-time, reducing double handling and error.

“Our turnaround time was a max of two minutes for every order – that just wouldn’t have been made possible without Doshii and DQ for us,” added Nev.

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Doshii gets to work for Radio Mexico


Adele from Radio Mexico is a self-confessed old-school operator. But that’s precisely why she needed Doshii’s help.

Radio Mexico in St Kilda, Melbourne, has been serving up authentic flavours for the past eight years. And even though she’s been cautious of the booming restaurant tech industry, Radio Mexico boss Adele soon realised that for a modern restaurant to truly flourish, it needs more than just great food — it needs to find a way to harness the chaotic world of apps and online delivery. So Adele decided to keep things simple by connecting Mr Yum and Deliveroo using the Doshii platform.

“It’s important to me to only connect to a few, select apps,” Adele explains. “It’s easy for a restaurant to get swallowed up in the many apps that are available and suddenly they’re dictating the service, not you, unless you can get control. That’s why I like to use just a couple of apps, and use them well.” 

Doshii grants Adele exactly the kind of control over her business she was looking for. “What was great about Doshii is that they made it easy, got the job done and the second something wasn’t right they had real people trying to fix it. I just felt like they were on my side.” 

And even though some new tech seems like it’s designed to spend more time eating into your margins than encouraging customers to eat your food, Doshii actually improves profits. Doshii puts back in.

“I’m old school,” Adele says. “I’m suspicious of the technologies out there and the pieces of margin they’re potentially pinching because I love my business and the feeling of putting down awesome food in front of a customer in a restaurant. And I’ll fight to protect that.” 

“But ultimately Doshii doesn’t stop the best parts of my business, it allows me to keep up with the digital side of things, keep things streamlined and allow me to make sure that we’re always focused on the customer’s experience.”

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Mulita BBQ discovers a whole new customer base with Doshii

Tim runs Mulita BBQ, a small restaurant based in Geelong that specialises in American BBQ. It’s a time-consuming cuisine. Some dishes require up to 12 hours of smoking before they’re ready to eat. So Tim is always on the lookout for new ways to simplify his workday.

Before COVID-19, Tim mainly focused on servicing big sporting events and music festivals with food trucks, as well as dine-in customers at Mulita BBQ’s bricks and mortar restaurant.

“Pre-lockdown we didn’t do takeaway at all because the restaurant was so busy. But since COVID-19 started, we discovered two new markets, one of them being online customers.”

The problem was that Tim wasn’t able to keep up with demand: “We simply couldn’t sustain the extra staff, especially because of the pressures of the pandemic.”

That’s when he decided to enlist the help of Doshii. As Tim explains, “Doshii allows us to run a very busy service with only two people, rather than needing a third person.” 

Doshii helped Tim connect Deliveroo and FROLO, via his existing POS, Square, so online orders could be sent directly to his kitchen staff — no manual oversight or re-entering of orders needed. And now Mulita BBQ processes anywhere between 30 and 40 takeaway orders on a busy night, which simply would not have been possible 10 weeks ago before Tim connected with Doshii.

“Harnessing technology like Doshii allows us to focus on what we’re actually good at without being distracted by apps and all their 1s and 0s,” Tim says. And by connecting with Doshii, Tim has been able to focus more effort on connecting with his customers.

“The positive feedback, whether in person or via reviews or messages, to all the hard work we put in to be able to make our food — which is very time consuming to do, American BBQ — really makes it all worth it. People who enjoy what we do so much that they have standing orders even during the pandemic, every Thursday or Friday or Saturday, have been the best part of running our business.”

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Doshii provides more than just seamless app integration

When Squires Loft in Geelong and Torquay decided to integrate their apps with Doshii it was seamless, improving and simplifying their business in more ways than one.

Squires Loft connects to Doshii

Doshii doesn’t just simplify app integration. It keeps track of multiple types of data, which provides restaurant owners with the insights they need to make smarter calls on how to run their business. This is something Scott from the Squires Loft venues in both Geelong and Torquay recently discovered. 

Six months ago, Scott decided to streamline his businesses with Doshii. He connected OrderUp! as his online ordering platform, ImposPlus as his core POS system, and Tanda to take care of the rostering.  

The hook-up was a breeze. As Scott explains, “The team at Doshii are always informative and provide structured, planned implementation and problem solving. They’re always willing to assist us to operate a more efficient business.”

Today, Scott’s staff are processing 100 takeaway orders and 250 dine-in customers a night.  “Doshii provides seamless integration, which in turn reduces labour, and improves efficiency and accuracy,” Scotty says.

But the benefits don’t end there. In addition to simplifying the chaotic, ever-changing world of apps, Doshii also provides detailed, easy-to-access data about business operations, leading to smarter decisions and increased revenue.

For example, Doshii displays labour costs as a percentage of revenue in real time. Having that kind of information at his fingertips allows Scott to make smarter decisions about staffing by eliminating the burden of finicky, manual number-crunching. And with less on his plate, Scott now has more time to focus on what’s on his customers’.

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Digital ordering made simple for Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse has turned to Doshii to help streamline its digital ordering process and integrate its digital ordering apps with its POS, meaning more time for staff to focus on what matters: juicy steaks.

Like many restaurant operators, Outback Steakhouse CEO Chris Noble has spent the past couple of years investigating new technology to streamline his business processes and uncover new growth opportunities. For a modern restaurant, this usually means more apps. But while apps can provide solutions, they can also create their own problems — especially if a business needs to integrate several just to stay on top of things.

One of the biggest challenges is the inevitable double-handling of customer orders. Over the course of one shift, staff can waste valuable hours manually re-entering orders into the Micros POS  after receiving them via OrderUp! – a web based in-venue ordering and delivery app. 

Pre-COVID-19, Outback Steakhouse’s eight venues collectively received around 3,500 orders via apps per month. Chris and his team calculated the labour cost of manually re-entering these orders into their in-house POS at 80 cents per order. Which means Outback Steakhouse was wasting around $2,800 per month just retyping customer orders. And as app orders are only increasing across the industry as a new normal post Covid-19 kicks in, so too will these costs.

But not with Doshii. 

“Doshii sends orders from apps directly to the Micros POS which prints them in the kitchen, with no need for staff to physically rekey orders;” Chris explains, “Time and money saved!”

This is a huge win for efficiency. Doshii has also enabled the use of Digital Menu Management (DMM) so the venue’s operators can now centrally manage their menu across all apps. 

“If only we were aware of Doshii earlier,” Chris adds. “We have been thrilled with the results.”

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Ziggys Eatery In Melbourne Simply Delivers with OrderUp! and Doshii

Based in Melbourne, Ziggys Eatery is a 2 location passion project of Restaurateur Assaf Stizki & Chef Moshik Ferder. Flipping the best burgers and more since 2012. These dedicated chefs who have more than 40 years experience between them, noticed that there was a gaping hole in the market of quality fast foods and Ziggys Eatery was born.

Earlier this year Ziggys wanted to join the food delivery revolution but did not want to pay a third party to retain the customer details, charge them a commission on each delivery as well as having to have a staff member transcribe each order from a disparate system to their Point of Sale solution (POS). They looked at various delivery platforms but each came with fluctuating fees and a separate tablet that did not plug directly into Ziggys source of truth, their POS system.

Trip Advisor Ziggys Eatery


Some offerings retained the customers’ details away from the Ziggy Eatery database and limited any offers or remarketing campaigns that could occur past the initial sale. Some did not allow the venues to keep their online and offline contacts in the same place making loyalty programs impossible to run. Some offered commission on the sale and an additional charge for the patron for delivery. Some did not allow location fencing which would some distant deliveries to be expensive and compromise the quality of the food.

Enter Order Up! And Doshii.


Assaf says “We decided to forge ahead with OrderUp! and our POS system Impos because we could see the benefits of convenience for our customers”

Now the not-your-average milkbar has elevated their website to take orders from the customer directly to their POS with the Doshii API platform. Their menu can be adjusted in real-time to show exactly what is available and what is not. The customer can decide when placing the order whether they would like to dine-in or have their order delivered and best of all the order is added, paid for and sent to the Ziggys kitchen for preparation without any Ziggy staff member manually duplicating information or waiting for the order payment to be processed by their card machine. The order is processed seamlessly and the customer can decide to keep their payment details on file for future orders.

OrderUp! CEO John Saadie added that the Order Up! platform has built-in CRM so all Ziggy Eatery customers can be retargeted with promotions, special offers or vouchers directly. The geo-fencing feature offered by Order Up! allows Ziggys Eatery to set specific multiple delivery zones taking into account cost and distance (no more cold hot chips!).

Order Up Food Delivery Uber Eats Doshii

When the customer selects their items via the website: they receive a wait time indication of how long the order will take to be completed by the kitchen before they place the order and this leads to a better user experience and eliminates any delays for collecting their food.

John continues, “Thanks to Doshii, adding online ordering will be a seamless experience. Ziggys Eatery can receive orders directly into their POS and control their menu and other configurations, which means more orders and fewer mistakes.”

Ziggys now has access to better reporting on their website orders such as the average value per order/ per day, most popular products ordered and an average number of orders which helps with inventory control and special promotions via orders placed via their website. Both back of house and front of house have benefited with the added functionality and streamlining using technology.

The smooth interface according to Assef Stizki has had a surprising by-product discovered by Ziggys Eatery – they are seeing an increase of returning customers due to the patrons’ payment details being securely kept on file. It has even occurred that a customer has left their wallet at home but having had previously placed orders via the website just logged in and simply paid for their meal while dining-in.

Greg Williams, Doshii GM, says his team is delighted at the integration partnership with OrderUp! “Doshii’s API supports the OrderUp! online ordering system to give venues control over their menu and store settings. They can also promote their brand themselves – instead of using third-party websites – and access detailed reporting. Best of all, they get paid daily via their own online merchant account.”






Assaf has noted that he would do it all again with Order Up! And Doshii.

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Australian Venue Co. With Mr Yum Makes Selection, Ordering And Payment Processing Easier With Doshii Technology

Australian Venue Co (AVC) is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences across a national portfolio of restaurants, bars, pubs and dedicated event spaces. AVC is a top-notch hospitality group that has grown by nearly 3000% in the past 5 years.

Each AVC venue is focused on utilising its own unique character and charm. By building a highly skilled team at the venue whose goal it is to implement best practice operations, consistently deliver exceptional service and create amazing experiences for their customers.

Mr Yum whose web platform is used at AVC sites has partnered with Doshii. The Doshii API has connected the platform directly to the venues Point of Sale (POS) system which ensures a frictionless order placement and payment experience for the venue patron.

Kelsi Lewis, Applications Manager at AVC says “Australian Venue Co. operates 158 venues across Australia and as such implementing technology to drive efficiency across our venues is a must.  We are pleased to work with the knowledgeable Doshii team who assisted us with connecting our in-store POS to a number of Apps and have recently gone live with Mr Yum.”

Using a smartphone camera to scan a QR code, Mr Yum allows the customer to view an image of the actual dish or beverage. Being beautifully photographed the viewer can also see the portion size and detailed descriptions to avoid food FOMO. The venues menu is fully searchable, translates each dish ingredient into a number of languages and can filter menus into categories like vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. At the Winter Village, customers get an SMS when their order is ready to be picked up.

The customer can place an order via their device directly to the venues POS system. Payment is then taken seamlessly. The Doshii API ensures that this process runs smoothly and without any sense of friction to the customer or venue.

Kelsi continues “Orders from consumers own devices are quickly processed by allowing our customers to scan a QR code and be redirected to a web-ordering page, complete with images of all the items that we sell.  Once the order is complete and payment is made the order is sent directly to our POS system and prints out at the relevant areas, reducing cost and resulting in faster orders.”

Doshii Managing Director, Clive Thorpe says “Using Doshii technology to link two systems with a common API that eliminates the hassle and annoying wait for customers who just want to have fun at The Winter Village was a fun project. Now with Mr Yum web platform showing menus, adding items to a cart and processing payment are as easy as 1,2,3 for the patrons and venues”

Watch the video of Mr Yum being used and bringing the Doshii API at The Winter Village here


The Winter Village is a free pop up event  and it has recently been extended to run until 29 September 2019.

This is a euro-style winter wonderland at the top of the Skyline Terrace at Federation Square in Melbourne.

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Strike Bowling Strike It Lucky With Doshii and Tabsquare

Strike Bowling is not just a place to have fun tossing a ball down an alley but rather an ultimate entertainment experience offering on-premises options like laser tag, karaoke and fun escape room experiences. Customer visits are further enriched when combined with a gourmet kitchen, a fully licensed bar and cutting edge venue technology.

No queuing, no suspending the fun, straight from where the customer stands.

“At Strike Bowling we are always searching for ways to improve our guest experience. This is where Doshii has enabled us to use platforms like Tabsquare to allow our customers to order from kiosks located at the Bowling Lanes! The orders are seamlessly transferred to the POS which means sales and stock controls are always in tune” says Shannon Grant- Head of IT Funlab – Strike Bowling Bar, Australia

TabSquare logo

Since first opening their bowling venue in Melbourne in 2002 the group has expanded nationally and is a firm favourite with adults and children alike. The younger generation is focused on the venue activities while the adults enjoy the experience of being together, having fun and add a healthy dose of competition!

With the venue adopting the new ordering and payment kiosk technology they are able to deliver intuitive menu options, offer smart cross-selling and up-selling as well as having multi-lingual capabilities for a wider customer range.

Mr Grant continues “These enhancements have delivered a better experience for our customers whilst keeping operations smooth and simple.”

Tabsquare provides real-time venue and customer behaviour analysis at each self-order and payment kiosk. Doshii provides the integration for Tabsquare to take payment and deliver orders directly to the venue Point of Sale (POS) and deliver a speedy service with no queuing.

Mr Grant confirms “The TabSquare solution has been embraced by our customers, resulting in a 40% lift in Food And Beverage Sales.”

Whether booking a night out with friends or just enjoying the family there is always fun to be had at a Strike Bowling venue – the reviews speak for themselves.

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