Coming soon – The Doshii Connect App!

Doshii Connect App

At Doshii we’re thrilled to announce the imminent launch of our Connect app – a solution for venues to help them manage their connected world with ease and confidence. With the Connect app you’ll be able to:

Connect your Point of Sale – the Connect app calms the chaos by centralising business operations and putting them at the tip of your fingers.

Use multiple apps in one place – the Connect app gives you total control of customer orders, in one place, accessible on any device.

Get deep insights about your venue – the Connect App provides real-time visibility of all your revenue channels including your POS and App sales – allowing you to better understand your business in a consolidated view.

After launch, there’ll be heaps more features added through regular releases too, like menu management. We know our venue partners have loved the time saving benefits of using Doshii Dashboard to manage their menu across all connected apps, so of course that will be coming to the app too.

And there’s much, much more.

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How In-Venue Ordering Is Changing The Hospitality Industry

The Waiters And Customers Love The Convenience 

Like any industry that has been disrupted by technology in the last decade, the hospitality industry is embracing the benefits that come with digital change. Being able to pre-order or view a venues’ menu digitally before arriving can greatly assist the incoming guest who is time-poor and convenience-driven. 

There are also direct advantages for venues by meeting their guests’ expectations such as speeding up their own order processing, integrating between the point of sale (POS) and kitchen, bar and service areas can streamline the operational flow of the venue, saving on foot traffic and double entry of orders. Venue management can gain better real-time reporting insights, better control over their inventory, human capital, shift rostering and less time spent being reactive but becoming proactive.

From Menu Management To Staff Onboarding – There’s an App For That!

Connectivity is the secret to securely managing all aspects of hospitality. Gone are the days of a paper stock sheet or clock-in card for wait staff to sign in on. Today the inventory is decremented upon use, facial recognition software installed on the employee’s phone or venue’s tablet logs them in and automatically works out their contribution or cost to revenue in real-time. Notifications can be sent to let the manager know that a staff member did not arrive for their shift or if there is an oversupply of staff at a particular time based on a trend.

Payments can be taken from digital wallets directly to the venues POS without patrons having to leave the table or wait at the register. Staff are freed up to do what they do best – providing great service to the customers. Customers can access the venue’s reservations portal, decide to dine in or order a takeaway. Venues can choose to deliver the order via a number of delivery partners and not have to worry about the laborious task of reconciling at the end of the month. Using AI and the venues’ own POS data in real-time it can be determined which food delivery provider is providing the most value and revenue to the venue.

Bring Your Customers Back – With Social Proof and Loyalty Programs

The improved venue experience can lead to patrons joining the venue’s digital loyalty program, which is a cost-effective tool for running promotions, special offers and retargeting former patrons when they are in the local area. Also, gift cards can be digitally redeemed at the venue and ensure that returning customers can promote the venue to their friends – communicating with a reward is a great way to drum up business.

Doshii curates a marketplace of Apps and web-platforms that makes running a modern hospitality business as easy as 1-2-3. The Doshii platform is able to connect Apps seamlessly and securely to the venues’ POS solution and there is no need for additional hardware or training.

The Doshii Marketplace Apps are growing:

Pick Up and Delivery







In-Venue Ordering


Mr Yum







View The Doshii App Marketplace Here

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Tips and Tricks Of Easy Menu Management By Doshii

The Doshii Tips and Tricks Of Easy Menu Management

We all know the old adage of first eating with our eyes to be true and this is especially in this digital age where we scroll and select based on a tasty image on our device or at a venue touch screen kiosk. 

For venues, this new format menu can be integrated with a number of in-venue or delivery services using Apps or web platforms that can be accessed by hungry customers. Today a single venue can connect to multiple food distribution partners and for the venue may lead to higher level of menu management being required.

Doshii offers venues some tips and tricks in helping make menu management being less onerous and requiring less effort and time spent on updating or modifying the venues’ menu.


Tip 1 – Manage your menu from one place – the Doshii dashboard

Previously if there was a change to be made to a product for sale, the venue would have to call or submit a support ticket with the App or web platform. The App customer service team would then sign into their management portal and make the modification. The venue would then be contacted and confirmation of the change would be acknowledged. The simple request to remove a product, attach a modifier to an item or adjust the price could take in some cases several days to be completed between the venue and the App provider.

With Doshii, both the venue and App can now make adjustments to their menus in real-time, eliminating the need to rely on drawn-out communications to make simple changes.


Tip 2 – Find One Product But Make Changes Across Multiple Apps

Using Doshii means that all updates made on the venues Point of Sale will flow through to the App, ensuring that the venue is in control of their menu and makes the POS the venues source of truth.

Within the Doshii portal the venue can use the universal search feature to easily find the menu item they would like to change. Venue management can instantly view item, with all pricing derived from the POS in real-time.  The venue can change the item from the menu, adjust the item price,  and modify the item description – this can be done across one or multiple Apps.  You’re in control.

This easy to navigate dashboard further provides the venue with useful insights into the number of transactions via the App and is the single source of truth between the venue POS and App.


Tip 3 – Curate Your Own Menu – Easy

Third party menu curation services can utilise the Doshii Dashboard and menu management functionality quickly and easily.  The venues existing menu can be easily be exported allowing optimisation of menu configuration with the ability to edit product descriptions, bulk price updates, applying menu modifiers or substitute items to that menu item. This export can categorise items and make menu management simple for third parties to elevate the existing menu.


Tip 4 – Make It Pretty & Easy with Images From One Place

Multiple images can be added to a single product to be allocated to different Apps – this is especially helpful to a venue, if a product needs to be displayed as a portrait/landscape or square shape or size. Managing images in one central place reduces the time a venue has to access the different apps and web-platforms.


Tip 5 – Safe, Secure, Simple

User access to the Doshii platform is role-based and has an audit log accessible by Doshii which can show who made which changes by date. App Developers can see their venue clients on one platform and access both their POS data and the venue menu easily, and the venue themselves.



With menu management Doshii is able to save venues and apps time and effort by making their menu changes simple to access for both the app and their customer. Simplifying the export of current menu data in an accessible format, ensuring that POS changes are sent to the App via Doshii and being able to provide an audit log of modifications makes menu management quick, easy and seamless. 

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Five Hospitality Apps Your Business Needs

Better Catering To Your Customers Every Need 

With everyone having less time and more information available at the touch of button today – is your venue harnessing technology which will bring you more covers and revenue? With an App for everything, every venue can gain more patrons, have quicker payments, drive more loyalty, make happier staff, and add  deep data driven insights all making for better customer experiences.

1. Get Found By The Locals and Visitors

Word of mouth is still the best (and cheapest) method of marketing to new customers but what happens if they are not from the area, haven’t researched local venues or don’t speak the language? Their device may be the best tool you can access to direct their feet to your door.

There are many review platforms that can make hospitality recommendations for the patron based on location, but then there are truly smart technology platforms.

Mr Yum turns every order into an experience instead of a transaction and ensures that every craving can be met at festivals, markets and pop-up events using digitalised menus, QR Code ordering and a map of how to reach the venue. This clever App platform allows venues to display beautiful images of their dishes as well as list ingredients and offer the menu in multiple languages. QVM markets in Melbourne have over 40 food vendors in one place who use Mr Yum to get found by hungry passing trade every Wednesday night.


2. An Efficient Online Booking System

Apps such as TableTime, Resy and OpenTable have each a huge subscriber base who are used to the convenience of making a reservation, joining a waitlist, getting directions to a venue and investigating what other patrons have said they enjoyed during their visit. 

A reservation system should be able to store a visitors information and help identify returning VIPs’ and loyal customers as a tool to remarket with special offers, note preferred seating and notify staff and management of the patrons impending visit and previous spending patterns by linking the reservation to the venues POS.

Impact Data shft Doshii api


3. Loyalty That Is Delightful

A platform like BeamWallet guides subscribers via their loyalty program to venues and encourages them to try something new with bespoke marketing campaigns in a localised area. 

OrderUp! improves the customer experience by enabling them to order directly to your venue 24/7 with no taking up a staff member time or duplication of the order as it is streamed directly to the kitchen. A notification is sent to the customer when their order will be ready.

Mobile Wallet Doshii Image Credit Card loyalty Raptor POS


4. Rostering Software Saves You Time

Managing shifts and rosters and staff can be very time consuming and difficult to manage but with apps like Tanda which uses data from your POS to identify busy periods and slower times for your venue.

These Apps use machine learning software to create innovative algorithms to predict schedules. They also have seamless payroll integration, easy employee onboarding and automated award interpreters that automatically calculates hospitality Award rates set by Fair Work Australia.

These apps and web platforms provide venues with valuable data and analytics directly from the point of sale (POS)

Tanda POS Team shifts Doshii


5. Point of Sale – Ka-ching!

An efficient point-of-sale system is an absolute must for a hospitality business. Systems such as NCR, Impos or H&L can give you a daily breakdown of your highest- and lowest-selling items as well as staff costs versus food costs versus money in from patrons, which is a great planning tool for staff shift rostering.

Your POS should help you provide better service to your customers, accept quicker payments, help you track inventory and stock but most of all your POS should offer your business insights which can be easily accessed using a Business Intelligence tool for you to make better-informed decisions.

Embracing this type of software means that you can save time and effort when matching receipts to payments and ensure that all transactions can point back to the source of truth. It removes any guesswork and ensures a more efficient operation.

API Doshii POS

Is your venue being left behind by moving with the times and providing the convenience customers demand?

Doshii is a marketplace of critical Apps you need to run a modern venue, connected to your POS. All in one place. Doshii’s marketplace boasts over 30 apps that each drive new revenue opportunities and reduce operational costs for hospitality venues. 

View The Doshii App Marketplace Here

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Doshii now supports webhooks for Apps

Doshii is constantly listening to its partners and looking for new ways to allow Apps and POS to connect. As a result of discussions and feedback with its development partners via its Community Forum, Doshii is pleased to announce that it now offers webhooks, in addition to its existing support for WebSockets.


Doshii CTO, John Twomey, explains that while most web service APIs support a standard RESTful request/ response mode of interaction, some may provide additional or alternative options via webhooks or WebSockets. “These technologies enable different means of communicating with an API, with strengths and weaknesses that vary depending on the context in which they’re used,” he says.


“WebSockets provide a persistent, real-time socket-like connection between two endpoints (most typically, a client and a server). Either party to the connection can send data at any time, and the connection is long-lived, making WebSockets an ideal option for subscribing to server-side event feeds that may produce updates at infrequent and unknown intervals.”


“But, while WebSockets can be powerful, they are not always the best solution,” John goes on. “Because WebSockets are persistent over long periods of time, they require a stable, always-on network connection and active maintenance to be effective.”


“They are suited to scenarios that require real- or near-real-time communication between a client and a server, particularly where one or both sides need to be informed of events that may occur on the other side with little to no warning. For scenarios that lack this, webhooks now offer an alternative on the Doshii platform.”


“Webhooks turn the standard RESTful request/ response model on its head by allowing the API server to post unsolicited updates back to a client,” John explains. “To use a webhook the client will register a callback URL with the API provider. Your system receives the data, and can then perform whatever processing your application needs.”


“While Doshii prefers and recommends WebSockets – which generally come with fewer caveats than using webhooks – webhooks can be a more appropriate choice in certain cases. The best approach depends upon the context of the application being built and the features of its runtime and deployment environment.”


For any questions on this new feature, click here to access our API Support team and/ or documentation on our Support & Guide platform, or click the chat window below.


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Doshii Image capability for menu items and facial biometrics to change the game for Payment, Ordering and Loyalty Apps

In anticipation of their upcoming Asia Roadshow, Doshii has announced exciting developments in their image exchange capabilities. Following a live proof of concept release in the Doshii Dashboard, the planned expansions to the API will allow venues’ POS and Apps to link images of venues, menu items and members to partners, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says this has been a heavily requested feature over the past few months. “Our developers have been working hard on introducing this functionality. With the latest release of the Doshii Dashboard, we’ve successfully introduced support for images as a proof of concept and will be extending this capability in coming months.”

“This feature is aimed at supporting ordering, payment and loyalty Apps that all face the same challenges: constantly changing menus at venues as well as new, modern payment options – that have the capability to identify the individual via facial recognition.

“Currently, it’s a manual and often duplicated process for venues to send or update images of menu items to Apps. We will solve this problem by allowing Apps and POS to share images, in addition to providing the menu name, pricing and other essential information already possible with the one common Doshii API.”

“Apps and POS will benefit from a centralised platform – Doshii Dashboard – which makes images available quickly and easily and saves both venues and Apps a lot of time and effort,” he says.

Doshii’s image processing ability is planned to facilitate this by displaying the image of a customer’s face (if they choose to opt-in) on the POS in real-time as a payment method, or for them to be recognised with loyalty App partners.

LOKE Facial Recognition - Doshii API
“LOKE uses Doshii & images to enhance the customer experience”

Biometric payments are set to grow exponentially in coming years with OC&C Strategy Consultants predict that the Voice Assistance (VA) shopping market will grow to $40bn by 2022, from $2bn today.

Biometrics dramatically improve the customer experience and make purchasing more secure. This was validated in a recent Oxford/Mastercard survey, with 93% of respondents saying they prefer biometrics over traditional passwords. It won’t be long before voice and other biometric payments go mainstream – giving future-facing companies like Doshii a fast start over the competition.

Doshii CEO Sean O’Meara says the Doshii team are looking forward to meeting potential partners on the upcoming Asia Roadshow. “We recently announced an integration with Raptor POS – the first POS vendor in the ASEAN market to partner with us. We are receiving an enormous amount of interest across all countries in Asia from POS and Apps, particularly given our reputation as an agile and responsive partner and the lack of anything similar to Doshii across the Asian Countries.

Doshii says their drive for Asian expansion is due to the increase in bespoke and aggregator-based ordering and payment Apps driving demand in the region. These all face the same hurdle: a common API to connect to POS. Doshii solves this problem, as the dominant platform for ordering and delivery, payments, reservations, loyalty and real-time data and analytics.”


Interested in learning more about Doshii?

Doshii offers an out of the box solution that can provide your application many of the same benefits discussed above with only a fraction of the coding time, effort, and expertise required. We’re here to help so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.


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Doshii API Dashboard full release provides critical info at a single glance

In our February newsletter, we announced the release of the Doshii API Dashboard Beta program. It has proved to be very popular with our clients and has now been rolled out for a full release.


Access to the Doshii API Dashboard provides an easy way to manage and monitor all your Doshii integrations from one place in real-time. This provides a valuable window into your API integrations, ensuring that they are working smoothly.


Doshii Cloud Based API Dashboard


Doshii API Dashboard 2.0 features

  • Users can quickly and easily view and manage all registered venue locations from a single console. The dashboard also shows all connected App and POS instances.
  • The dashboard is built on the same Doshii API as all integrations to see all integration data in real-time.
  • The user-friendly interface allows quick venue onboarding, issue debugging and configuration of new connections.
  • Easy-to-read, meaningful statistics are presented for monitoring connection points.
  • Integrated Support & Guide allows easy searching of guide documentation and request enhancements, and accessible Helpdesk support and chat with available agents.
  • Viewing and simulating requests and responses directly within the dashboard speeds up integration development.



Doshii API Dashboard Homepage


Beta Release Feedback


Insights from the successful Beta release have resulted in a number of additional features directly from our users’ feedback, including:

  • Macros to automatically configure example Apps, POS, venues, their subscriptions and menus
  • Push randomised orders through to POS for development and debug
  • Accept and Reject orders directly from the dashboard
  • New roles to administrate App and POS with additional permissions
  • QR and barcodes for Location, Application and Organisation IDs
  • Logos for Apps and POS systems
  • View venue table listings



Doshii-API Dashboard Venue Stats


Of course, we still value your feedback so please head over to our Community Forum to share any insights, request new features and have your say on others’ suggestions.


To get access to the new Doshii API Dashboard, click here.


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Doshii’s partner Community drives new Order & payment API features

Doshii Partner Community


Doshii is expanding its order and payment API to support a number of new services. This is a direct result of great collaboration with integrators via the Doshii Community forum. Doshii Head of Product, Greg Williams, says the forum has been invaluable for product and their partners.

“It’s a great source of ideas, it’s helpful for requesting features from the Doshii team and is an important space for discussing and sharing support information”, he says “It also offers our partners a platform to collaborate with each other directly, and see how improvements may take effect from different perspectives”

Greg and the Doshii team are excited about the new features which have grown out of the Community forum. “They highlight how we are open to suggestions and quick to respond to the constantly changing venue management environment. Our partners may expect to see many of these features to be rolled out over the next few weeks.”


New features originating from the Doshii Community forum

Doshii Community Payment API Features

POS Initiated Payment API

With POS Initiated Payment (PIP), POS initiates a transaction using Terminal ID & Application ID (these are optional). Payment Apps are then notified of the new Transaction requested and may handle the transaction as per the current process.

Join the discussion on PIP via our Community Forum post now.

Redemption Codes

Doshii will now also enable POS and Apps to exchange custom data when submitting transaction requests. This would allow integrators to include include membership numbers, voucher, promotion codes, authentication codes,  gift-card sequences or NPP (New Payments Platform) PayID, which may be input manually or scanned via QR or barcode, or captured directly by Apps.

This new feature allows recognition of vouchers, gift cards, memberships and promotional campaigns. Instead of having to pre-register a discount scheme, the details are forwarded to or from the venue to be  process in real-time.

In its simplest form, redemption codes could be entered at payment into an open ‘Redemption Code’ field. The transaction would be handled the same way as a PIP, described above.

Join the discussion on Redemption Codes via our Community Forum post now.

Pre-ordering API

Currently, customers must be checked in before ordering. This feature will allow them to pre-order their meal when making a reservation, making a more pleasurable and relaxed dining experience. This is facilitated by new endpoints, which support dine-in options using a booking ID, ahead of check-in.

Join the discussion on Pre-Ordering via our Community Forum post now.


Register for the Community forum

Users will need to be registered with the Doshii Support & Guide platform to access the Community forum. You can locate the ‘Community’ link quickly and easily in the top right corner of the Support & Guide page. Please contact or sign-up for a free trial if you do not currently have access.


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New API Support & Guide platform from Doshii

New API Support & Guide platform from Doshii


Since 2015, the team at Doshii has been creating and developing API services for integration. Our aim is to make communication between Point of Sale systems and Apps easier, creating a simple and secure experience for customers. However, our new platform, ‘Support & Guide‘ provides an even greater experience for our clients and we’re pleased to confirm its launch. Click here to access our API Support team and/or Documentation or click the chat window below to contact support.

Support & Guide Platform


Support Guide Doshii 1


What’s new?

The new platform enables all Doshii users to chat with our team members directly from any of our other platforms: Doshii Website, Dashboard, Support & Guide. This means all users have even greater access to our experienced support team if they require any assistance, and we will be able to respond to your inquiries quickly.


Screen Shot 2018 02 20 at 5.04.54 pm


Users also have the opportunity to search across all articles, including FAQs, the API Guide, and our Community Forums. We never stop looking for ways to improve our platform, which is why we believe user feedback is so important. This is why the new API Support & Guide platform also allows users to contribute to, vote and comment on feature and article requests.


Screen Shot 2018 02 20 at 5.06.02 pm


One of our core aims is to ensure we deliver real value, and we work closely with our partners to guarantee we achieve this. For this reason, our new API integration guide allows users to see linked articles and automatically suggested further reading about managing integration issues all in one place.

One of our strengths at Doshii is teamwork, and when you partner with us you become a part of the family. That’s why with our new platform, we’re trying to make accessing important integration documents and API support guides even easier. Want to know how to subscribe or unsubscribe from a location? Do you need to know how to update menus or gain access to your API reference? Our new support platform puts the answers to all of your questions in one easy and accessible place.

Developers can also search our knowledge base to find the answers to any questions they have, with only relevant results being showcased on the results page. You can also see examples of API requests and responses and transfer these over to your own business.


Screen Shot 2018 02 20 at 5.06.44 pm


Our new Support & Guide platform further emphasises our desire to ensure all Doshii users have a smooth and secure experience when using our platform. Contact the team today to learn more.

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