me&u, Mobile Ordering And Payment App Partners With Doshii

Some Of Our Fave Restaurants Are Joining The Movement

Inspired by Stevan Premutico, the founder of Dimmi, me&u is a leading mobile ordering & payment app for cafes, restaurants and bars. me&u is growing fast with the app now available at a number of Australia’s leading hospitality brands including Opera Bar, Rockpool Dining Group, Fratelli Fresh, Barangaroo House, The Golden Sheaf, CLG Group, Half Moon, Shuk Bondi and Fratelli Fresh. All of these venues utilise Doshii Technology and tools to allow the orders from me&u to be sent directly to venues POS system.

me&u, Mobile Ordering & Payment App Makes It Happen With Doshii

Combining the beauty of Instagram and the convenience of Uber, me&u is making the dining experience better, faster and more convenient than ever before. Customers can now turn up to a restaurant, bar or café and simply tap, order & pay with ease. No more hands in the air trying to catch the waiter’s attention, no more standing in a queue and no more time wasted splitting the bill.

“Our ambition is simple, but it’s big. We want to make this industry better. Better for customers and for operators, and it all starts with the way we order and pay. Change seems impossible until it’s done, but soon we will look back and think ‘I can’t believe I used to stand four deep in a queue to order a beer or wait five minutes to pay a bill’. This is the change we are trying to inspire in venues across the country.” said Premutico.

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App Tap Order Pay – Seamlessly

me&u Doshii Payment API

Sean O’Meara, CEO of Doshii comments, “There’s no hiding that mobile ordering in-venue is already trending as customers want convenience & speed and operators fight to create innovative ways to boost profit margins. Truth is, consumers enjoy ordering by themselves, it’s quicker, more interaction (when most of us live on our smart devices) and provides benefits to the restaurant of not only reducing costs and streamlining the manual order entry process figures show an increase of 15% spent through the App. I believe next year is going to be a big year for operators adopting in-venue ordering technology”

 A Pairing For Perfection

The partnership has gone beyond testing and implementation of seamless payments at venues – currently, there has been a significant increase in orders using me&u month on month at Live hospitality venues with no special training, additional hardware or time investment required by restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces. Patrons feedback has been positive at the venues.

Doshii_Me&U App_Ordering POS Doshii App Split Payments Me&U App

me&u are proud to be in partnership with the team at Doshii utilising their platform and dashboard has been key to allowing the me&u App to connect with POS. Menu information from the POS is updated in real-time using the Doshii product, meaning the venue’s menu in the me&u App is always correct and removes the hassle and costs of re-entering orders into the POS, saving on labour costs.

“It’s been a great partnership to date and we look forward to partnering with Doshii as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation for this great industry.”

~Stevan Premutico, Founder of me&u

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Doshii and Beverage Analytics combine to deliver advanced analytics and offer insights to venues in real time.


Doshii and leading hospitality insights company, Beverage Analytics, have combined technologies to bring venues a real-time view of how their operation is performing in the beverages category. The integration means venues no longer need to develop and maintain multiple integrations – they can simply connect a Doshii Certified POS once via the Doshii API to have access to some of the most advanced analytics in the hospitality POS space.



With an initial successful Pilot program recently completed across 200 venues buying and supplying CUB products – driving better insights to venues on what they are selling and allowing better control over wastage.

Developed by international IoT company WeissBeerger, Beverage Analytics connects thousands of sites all over the world, giving these venues a huge advantage over those who have failed to take advantage of this market-leading solution.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says the combination of the Doshii API Platform and Beverage Analytics’ software gives venue managers a detailed view of market trends, allowing them to boost revenue through smart recommendations and targeted promotions from their beverage suppliers.

“The Doshii Platform with Beverage Analytics means large volumes of data can be processed lightning-fast, giving venue owners a real-time view of how they’re performing,” he says. “This allows them to track draught beer and other connected beverages and see what’s happening in their business 24/7.

“Importantly, it gives them incredible insights into market trends, including how their venue is performing compared with others in the vicinity.”

These insights come from secure, cleaned, anonymised data, so there’s no risk of competitors seeing what they shouldn’t.

Beverage Analytics benefits from the seamless integration with Doshii’s stable of connected ordering, payment, loyalty and reservation Apps. Doshii takes responsibility for integration and communication, allowing Weissbeerger to focus on developing its great product even further, instead of trying to manage hundreds of unique integrations.

“The Doshii integration also enables us to access to large batches of data more efficiently and faster. As Doshii grows locally and abroad it exposes the Beverage Analytics solution to a larger number of customers via the Doshii marketplace, which provides us easier scale” the company says.

Beverage Analytics

Other key Beverage Analytics benefits and features are:

  • Pinpoints the source of any beverage waste and suggests how to resolve this.
  • Provides detailed business insights, including revenue from beverages and volumes poured.
  • Provides smart recommendations, including optimal pricing, combos, menu changes and new products.
  • Provides performance figures by beverage category and product.
  • Tracks waste and quality by brand and line.
  • Notifies of under-, or over-pouring or after hours consumption.
  • Gives access to real-time data via the Beverage Analytics dashboard from anywhere via mobile and web.

WeissBeerger says their company is thrilled to partner with Doshii and they look forward to “scaling together in the Australian and international hospitality industry”.

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To contact Beverage Analytics, email, ring (587) 682-628, or visit

Deliveroo partners with Doshii to bring down restaurant costs

Doshii is excited to announce a significant integration with leading food company Deliveroo. The partnership will streamline the processing of orders and make the delivery of Australia’s favourite restaurant foods to customers’ doors even more seamless.

Restaurants who partner with Deliveroo can utilise Doshii’s API to connect customer ordering direct to their POS. This eliminates the need for restaurants to manually process orders that come through the Deliveroo app. Doshii’s platform will be available to the more than 10,000 restaurants that partner with Deliveroo across Australia and to POS vendors as the preferred platform to connect to Deliveroo.

Deliveroo orders typically take around 90 seconds for restaurants to manually enter and process. The Doshii-Deliveroo integration will provide significant savings by allowing restaurants to focus their efforts and resources on front-of-house operations, reducing errors and making it even easier and quicker for staff to process orders. It will also help eliminate costly mistakes during the double handling and manual entry of the order from Deliveroo to the POS system.

Integrating directly with the POS will also remove the need for restaurants to reconcile between the Deliveroo App and the POS. This creates further time efficiencies for restaurants and their staff, who may have multiple order ahead apps that all need to be reviewed and matched up at the end of the month.

Doshii founder and CEO, Sean O’Meara, explains: “Doshii is more than just connectivity of Apps to venues’ POS systems. The platform and marketplace of Apps are designed to allow venue operators to select, trial and evaluate Apps to suit their business, all connected to their POS.

“The addition of Deliveroo to our growing number of connected Apps is extremely exciting, and fits with our expansion goals of providing a common platform to connect Apps to POS for the hospitality and retail markets in Australia and across Asia.”

Deliveroo Country Manager in Australia, Levi Aron, said: “At Deliveroo we are constantly innovating and looking for ways to help our restaurants grow. POS integration is the number one feature restaurants are requesting around the world, and it’s a key way that Deliveroo can help improve the performance of their business.

“Not only will this Australian partnership lead to cost savings for restaurants, but it will also see customers benefit from meals that are prepared and delivered faster.”

The Doshii platform, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, allows venues a variety of choice based on an open ecosystem. With recent investment from Coca Cola Amatil, Doshii will continue to develop its technology to deliver value back to venue owners by allowing them to connect their favourite Apps direct to their POS.

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To contact Deliveroo, email, phone +61 409 330 731, or visit their website.


About Deliveroo      

Deliveroo is an award-winning delivery service that operates in 13 cities across Australia, with a network of over 6,500 riders. It is headquartered in London, with over 2,500 employees in offices around the globe. Deliveroo operates in over 500 towns and cities across 14 markets, including Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

About Doshii

Doshii has been developing and providing leading API services for integration since 2016. It is supported by an outstanding team with more than 40 years of collective development experience. Doshii reduces the cost of building and maintaining integrations while providing a robust, safe and secure experience for customers.

More than 130 POS systems exist across Australia alone, and it’s technically impossible for this quantity to connect to the ever-expanding number of Apps being developed. Doshii solves this problem by allowing any POS or App to connect to its platform via a standardised API. This allows App and POS developers to focus on building great products, instead of trying to manage hundreds of potential integrations.

Based in Melbourne, Doshii is backed by Westpac Reinventure and Coca-Cola Amatil-X. It operates throughout Australia and is now rapidly expanding into Asia.

Coca-Cola Amatil invests in Doshii’s future

Doshii is extremely pleased to announce that it has received the first investment made by Coca-Cola Amatil’s corporate venture programme, Amatil X which is a multimillion-dollar program set up to identify and invest in innovative growth opportunities outside of Amatil’s core beverages business.

Chris Sullivan, Coca-Cola Amatil Group Director of Partners & Growth, said Amatil X’s minority share investment will support Doshii to grow and expedite their planned expansion into the Asia-Pacific region and South Africa.

“Amatil X was launched in April to explore opportunities for growth outside of our core business and beyond innovation in beverages. This includes investing in companies like Doshii, which is using an innovative, scalable technology solution to solve a challenge facing many of our customers. The ability to seamlessly integrate App and POS technology will help hospitality venues meet the increasing expectations of their customers by offering a better experience.”

Coca-Cola Amatil Invests in Doshii

With a series of ongoing local and international integrations under its belt, Doshii continues to demonstrate how it helps businesses seamlessly manage the soaring number of ordering, payment, loyalty and reservation apps. More than 130 POS systems exist across Australia alone, and it’s technically impossible for this high number of POS to connect to continually expanding number Apps needing to connect.

Doshii solves this problem by allowing any POS or App to connect to its platform via a standardised API. This leaves the responsibility for integration and communication to Doshii and allows App and POS developers to focus on building great products, instead of trying to manage hundreds of potential integrations.

Greg Williams, Doshii General Manager, says of the investment: “Doshii is extremely proud of the confidence shown in us by Coca-Cola Amatil and looks forward to partnering with them. They bring a wealth of local and international connections, including strategic relationships with App and POS developers.”

“Software developers and businesses across multiple sectors, including hospitality and retail, are investing time, money and effort trying to keep up with the growing number of Apps being developed for consumers. This eats up valuable time that could be better spent on business priorities, or their next bright idea.

“Since our launch, we have worked to address this gap in such a way that developers, businesses and consumers all win. We are the logical integration platform for Apps and POS and have been tried and tested in the marketplace. We are here for the long term and will continue to add new Apps and POS as we focus on our vision of delivering better services to the hospitality and retail industries,” he adds.

“What we have achieved since 2015 is amazing and Coca-Cola Amatil will help expedite our future plans. We have recently signed integrations with POS companies across Southeast Asia and are set to deliver implementations over the coming months. We are also in active discussions with various Apps from ordering, loyalty and digital payments across APAC and South Africa.

Doshii’s Dashboard and Doshii Analytics lie at the heart of the company’s POS-agnostic platform. It allows Apps, and both legacy and cloud POS, to seamlessly integrate through its simple, easy-to-use technology, which facilitates real-time data exchange.

Coca-Cola Amatil invests in Doshii
Chris Sullivan – Coca-Cola Amatil Group Director of Partners & Growth, Sean O’Meara – Doshii CEO and Founder, and Greg Williams Doshii General Manager

Coca-Cola Amatil’s minority share investment in Doshii will help the company reach more hospitality businesses, restaurants and cafes across Australia and expedite their planned expansion into Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and South Africa. As part of the agreement, Chris Sullivan will take a seat on Doshii’s Board.


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Doshii pitches at the Intersekt Event

Last month, Doshii attended the Intersekt Festival in Melbourne, Australia. We were incredibly excited to be invited to this international event and to pitch Doshii.

The Intersekt Festival is the biggest Fintech event in Australia. It receives a large amount of support from the Victorian government and is presented by both Fintech Australia and NextMoney. It’s gained an impressive reputation as a renowned centre for Fintech innovation, bringing together delegates from all over the Asia-Pacific region, and the world, to share their ideas and make new connections.

One of the most eagerly anticipated events during the course of Intersekt Festival is the pitch event, during which leading companies compete to pitch in Hong Kong at the big NextMoney pitch event. Doshii put forward an incredibly strong performance, narrowly missing out bringing home the silverware.  



There were many strong contenders at the pitch, however, and as a young company that’s full of energy, we’re able to take this in our stride. Doshii will now be doing everything we can to improve our impressive App & POS integration platform ready for the Intersekt Festival next year. We will be back with more to tell on the successes stories of Doshii.

If you’d like to learn more about Doshii, please visit our website. We’re always looking to help more businesses, to connect their systems. We’re excited about the fast advances we’re making towards the further integration of POS and apps, and hope you will be too.

Doshii at the Grant Thornton Bankers Boot Camp

Doshii were recently honoured with an invitation to talk at the Grant Thornton Bankers Bootcamp, to showcase Doshii’s business model as well as allowing CEO Sean O’Meara to provide some inspiration to those at the event through talking about his personal work history and how Doshii came to fruition.

The Grant Thornton Bankers Boot Camp has been running successfully for several years now, and provides bankers and their customers with fresh new ideas on how to revolutionise key parts of the industry. This year’s boot camp aimed to predict some of the key challenges that might arise in the next 12 months, and provide solutions for these challenges ahead of time. One of the biggest considerations this year related to how bankers and customers can meet regulatory challenges, whilst still identifying important opportunities in an increasingly dynamic market.

This year, there were half day conferences in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The Bankers Boot Camp also received sponsorship from a few big names, including Henry Davis York, Norton Rose Fulbright, CBRE and Dominion Group. The  event provides those attending with a vital real-life legal and commercial perspective on the biggest upcoming challenges within the industry.

Sean took part in the Bankers Boot Camp as part of a Q&A session with Matt Byrnes, a partner at Financial Advisory. As guest speaker at the event, Sean was able to talk in depth about his experiences as a young entrepreneur across multiple different business. He traced his career’s journey from its very beginnings, growing up in a small country town before he moved to Melbourne for university where he studied business. Sean then got involved in a whole range of trades, including time spent working at a CAD software company, importing screws, owning several bars, beginning the point of sale software company Impos, before finally moving to lead the charge at Doshii, which Sean originally incepted and incubated two years ago.

The event was a great success, as Sean managed not just to provide inspiration for those just beginning their careers, but also stirred up interest in Doshii and how we work as a company and managing the teams.


At the end of the talk, there were a number of insightful questions fielded from the audience. Whether boot camp attendees wanted to know more about how exactly Doshii makes money, which is through app subscriptions for connecting to POS partners via the Doshii API and maintaining that integration at a fraction of the cost of independent integration. Or the most valuable business lessons Sean feels he has learned thus far from his experience at the head of the company or over the course of his working life; “In life you will only ever have two hands, and it’s important to understand your own limitations. There’s nothing wrong with seeking assistance from others – whether that’s in terms of a business requiring help from Doshii when it comes to taking care of the connection between multiple POS, or as the CEO of a growing company receiving support from his customers and colleagues.” – Sean O’Meara

If you’d like to find out more about Doshii, why not check out our website here: – we’re always looking to welcome new companies into the Doshii family, helping you to streamline your POS and app integration to make things a whole lot easier for your business. Connect once, connect everything with Doshii.

Doshii and Omnivore sign global agreement

Doshii and Omnivore sign global agreement to unlock innovative integration for apps & payments in hospitality and retail Point of Sale (POS)

Melbourne-based hospitality and retail POS API startup Doshii has signed a global agreement with Omnivore in a bid to pave the way for hospitality and retail apps to connect with traditional and cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) terminals in a more streamlined manner.

With the integration of both APIs expected to be live in the coming months, brick and mortar venues will soon be able to connect to a standard API and connect a multitude of apps to their POS, including order ahead, reservations, loyalty and payments.

Doshii General Manager David Engel said the agreement is a fantastic outcome for Doshii’s app and POS partners.

“Through the Omnivore integration, our app partners have the ability to connect directly to two of the largest POS systems in the world, NCR and Micros, thus allowing them access to the largest market in the world: the U.S.

“Meanwhile, the merchants of our POS partners will get access to best-of-breed hospitality and retail apps through the Omnivore Marketplace. It’s a win for everyone in the Doshii ecosystem,” said David.

Doshii is a hospitality and retail POS API platform that connects the latest apps and payments products to a venue’s POS through a single integration.

By providing a single integration point into many third party applications, Doshii lets restaurants and retailers take a low-risk approach to testing out new technologies for payments/pay at table services, online ordering, reservations and loyalty.  

In January this year, Doshii received seed investment from the Westpac-backed venture fund Reinventure.

Omnivore CEO and Co-Founder Mike Wior said the partnership between Doshii and Omnivore “creates a symbiotic relationship that extends the reach of Omnivore’s unique open platform API to places it’s never been before,”

“Joining forces with Doshii allows Omnivore to access an expanded marketplace of opportunities and provides both sides with a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded global restaurant landscape,” he said.

Omnivore, which has been in market in the U.S. since 2014, has had huge success across both the U.S. and Europe.

Since launching to the marketplace last year, Doshii has successfully integrated with three major point-of-sale merchants including Impos, H&L and Starrtec and is in the process of integrating with SwiftPOS, Mezapp and Wisdom POS.

Doshii will now focus its growth on the APAC, including China and India, as well as developing its API further to enable additional app services such as rostering, inventory management, accounting and others.

Both companies will now work together to facilitate connections to POS and apps on a global scale ranging from leading online restaurant delivery, reservation and mobile ordering services, to membership/loyalty, payments and anonymised data.

The agreement between Doshii and Omnivore will allow both companies to focus on integrations with apps and POS within their respective regions, while providing a superior level of integration and development support.

Reinventure backs Doshii to streamline the Retailer and Hospitality Operator experience

Doshii’s middleware API platform enables retail and hospitality Apps to directly connect to Point of Sale (POS).

Melbourne, Australia, January 2017 – Melbourne-based Doshii has raised seed financing from Reinventure Fund to accelerate its growth as the only Australian middleware API connecting a marketplace of retail and hospitality apps directly with POS companies.

Doshii is a middleware (API) platform that connects apps and payments devices to Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Through Doshii merchants can seamlessly access third party applications required to run their business, including payments/pay at table devices, order-ahead, reservations, loyalty, rostering, accounting, and analytics as Doshii continues to build out the platform.

Increasingly, financial services are being seamlessly embedded into consumer and SME experiences, a trend that has been called the ‘Uber experience’. However, while consumers of many hospitality and retail apps are getting the Uber passenger experience, retailers and hospitality venues are left with increasing complexity and clutter as they input orders and payments into multiple systems across multiple devices – far from the Uber driver experience.

‘It simply isn’t viable for the enormous number of Apps in market to integrate with hundreds of POS companies on the other side – Doshii solves this problem,’ says Doshii’s GM of Australia, David Engel.

With its seamless integration of retail and hospitality apps with their preferred POS and payments terminals, Doshii represents the new frontier of financial services, delivering the Uber driver experience for these neglected venue operators. Doshii will also revenue share with POS companies that are connected to its platform whilst also reducing the on-going costs for POS companies of integrating with multiple different apps or payment products.

Doshii was founded by entrepreneur Sean O’Meara, CEO of Impos, one of Australia’s largest POS vendors in the hospitality sector. ‘We could see that there was going to be a spike in Apps and payments wanting to connect to POS. Both Apps, payments and POS all have the same issue, which is the time and cost to integrate and then the on-going cost to maintain each integration. This is expensive, complex and a big opportunity cost when a company’s IT team could be spending their time actually making their product better for customers. It’s a clear win for POS and Apps to have one API platform for integration’ says O’Meara.

Through its partnerships with Impos and a range of other large Australian POS, including H&L, SwiftPOS and Starrtec, Doshii is able to integrate its app network into over 4800 venues with potential annual transaction volume in excess of $8.5bn and growing as more POS integrate to Doshii. Doshii is in market with some of Australia’s premier hospitality and retail apps, including Mobi2Go, Nestle, SureFire, Tanda, Collect Loyalty and most recently ANZ BladePay.

Further, with the New Payments Platform (NPP) set for release later this year, Doshii users will benefit by being able to pass rich order data from all channels through the POS to the payments terminal.

The Reinventure investment will cement Doshii’s independence, with Simon Cant and Jamie Pride being appointed to the board and will fund sales growth and further product development.

New platform helps apps integrate with POS systems

A Melbourne-based startup aims to create a marketplace of apps that will work with a wide range of point-of-sale systems.


The number of apps targeting the retail and hospitality sector is growing exponentially. From cloud-based accounting packages to reservations or online delivery services, these apps lend a valuable helping hand to many small business owners.

However, the problem until now has been that these apps has been that they simply don’t integrate with the hundreds of different point-of-sales (POS) systems currently in the market.

It’s a problem a Melbourne-based startup called Doshii is looking to solve by creating a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it easy for developers to create apps that work with hundreds of POS systems, while POS system vendors can easily integrate their systems with hundreds of apps.

In the process, the company is hoping to make life easier for small business owners by creating a marketplace of apps that work with a wide range of POS systems.

“The problem that we’re solving is that if you go into a café, there’s about five different pieces of hardware that you need to run the restaurant. There’s the point of sale, which is really the heart of the restaurant,” Doshii general manager David Engel told BIT.

“Then if they have Menulog they have a printer that those orders come through; if they have Deliveroo there’s a tablet where those orders come through; if they have reservations there’s a laptop for that; and if they have loyalty they might have a barcode for that.

“And the problem is that they have all of this hardware, none of them really talk to each other or the point of sale.

“So the idea behind all of those pieces of hardware is to look at where the data is flowing, and to put it back into the point of sale so you have a single point of reconciliation, you have real-time communication between the venue’s apps, and you get a much easier to manage experience.”

According to Engel, while better integration would benefit POS vendors, app developers and small business owners, the complexity of the challenge has until now prevented it from happening.

“Within Australia, there’s about 100 different point-of-sale providers, and there are about 70 apps across loyalty, reservations, accounting, ordering, delivery, and inventory management. They all have a strategy of interacting with each other,” he said.

“All the apps want to integrate into POS and the POS systems want to integrate with all the apps, but if you do the math, if there’s 100 providers, it’s impossible for a single app to integrate with all 100 of them.

“So the reason they like Doshii and the reason we exist is because an app can plug into us once, and then we integrate with all of those different POS providers through a single integration, and likewise a POS provider can integrate with lots of apps through a single integration.”

App marketplace

The platform currently works with Impos, Starrtec and H&L POS systems, with more companies expected to support the platform over the coming months.

The eventual plan for Doshii, once enough apps and POS suppliers come on-board, is to create a single online marketplace where small businesses to find apps and online services that will integrate with their POS system.

“What we’re building is a marketplace, and there will be an interface, but because we’re so young we haven’t built that yet. But a venue will say ‘I want to integrate with a delivery app’ and find one that works with their POS in the marketplace. The API is the means, and the marketplace is the ends,” Engel said.

Engel gives the example of a delivery app automatically feeding orders into a Doshii-compatible POS system, while retrieving information from the point of sale back into the app in real-time.

“What happens is an order comes in from an app, through our API to the point of sale. So if I’m a restaurant, that order then follows the usual order flow. It might go through to the kitchen if it’s a food order or to the barista if it’s a coffee order.

“What the app gets back is real-time updates from the menu. So for food ordering apps, menus currently need to be uploaded or emailed through, but they’re not updated in real time.

“What Doshii allows is if a menu item like pumpkin soup is no longer available, I can say ‘no longer available’ in the point of sale and that gets updated in the app in real time. Or if I increase the price of pumpkin soup from $8 to $10 on my POS, again it gets automatically updated in the app in real time.”

A start-up spinout

One of the things that sets Doshii apart from many other Australian companies in the fintech space was that it was spun out from an existing company, rather than being started from scratch.

The technology was developed over 12 months by a POS vendor called Impos, before being spun out as a separate company at its launch three months ago.

“Doshii was originally conceived by Impos – which is one of our shareholders – as a way of building an API for PayPal,” Engel said.

“After that, they realised this was something that would be needed not just for a specific POS, but that all POS [systems] would need it. There’s a growing number of apps in the market, none of them really effectively talk to point of sale.

“Even if you integrated with one app, because many of these apps are startups, you could find yourself doing months of integration only to find that app goes out of business. You’ve done all that work and have nothing to show for it.

“What they decided to do was to create a middleware layer that can be responsible for signing up all of the apps, doing that integration and taking the risk of that app not being around in six or 12 months.”

Given the obvious need in the marketplace, Impos decided to spin out the technology as a separate company to allow it to be used by products across a range of POS vendors.

“It’s to solve a real-world problem that they had. That’s why we got investment from another POS company called H&L, and the whole point of Doshii is we’re POS agnostic. We don’t favour any POS,” Engel said.

“The whole success of Doshii depends on us building a community with all the POS companies so we can say to the app developers: ‘We work with all these companies, there’s really no point in going to them individually. You can just go through Doshii to build a connection to all of them’.”

The major advantage of the corporate spinout model, according to Engel, is that it has allowed the company to focus on going directly to market knowing their idea has been validated already, without needing to build a minimum viable product first.

“The whole concept of Doshii was started from a real-world problem. So there wasn’t a question where we’d build a basic [minimum viable product] to see if this was a problem – we knew there was a product-market fit,” he said.

“So from that perspective, where fortunate that the POS that we speak with and apps that we speak with understand why we exist and the problems that we solve. So we haven’t had the growing pains that many startups have… and we’ve had a fairly steady trajectory in building out our product.”

Developers looking to create apps for the platform can find out more information about the API on the company’s website.

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