What’s New at Doshii: September 2019

We’re excited to share some great updates about the Doshii platform, highlight some new POS connected Apps and a new member of the Doshii team.

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Doshii September 2019 Update About Doshii for Venues

Learn more about how Doshii helps your venue with the best hospitality Apps all in one place.

We share insights on how Strike Bowling has increased food and beverage spend at their lanes with TabSquare and Doshii. 

The Australian Venue Co.has partnered with Mr Yum and Doshii to take the wait out of ordering at festivals.

We put our own Harry Lee in the spotlight – meet the Doshii team.

doshii partners

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Strike Bowling Bowled Over With TabSquare Results

The Doshii API has led to a 40% increase of  orders placed at Strike Bowling using the convenient TabSquare kiosks. Shannon Grant Funlab Doshii API

Shannon Grant is very pleased with the Doshii API which facilates the processing of the orders directly to the venues POS system. TabSquare kiosks placed at the bowling lanes are proving to be a huge success for players and the Strike Bowling venue. The convenience of being able to order directly to the has lead to more orders being placed and higher revenue but most importantly lead to a better customer experience for the players having a fun night out.

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Venue Spotlight: Doshii and Mr Yum Makes Ordering And Paying FUN At Festivals!

Mr Yum Doshii API

Customers love the seamless ordering experience and where else can you book yourself an igloo in Australia? Mr Yum is innovating how we choose,  order, pay and eat. Mr Yum is being used in more than 50 Australian Venue Co sites. By partnering with Doshii, Mr Yum is now able to to place orders directly with a venues POS, frictionlessly process the payment from the customers own device – making any festival truly festive.

See The Mr Yum Article Here


Introducing Doshii’s – Harry Lee


Warrior of Code, Defender of Love

At Doshii we ?? to share profiles of our team – we are a dedicated group of talented folks, working together to ensure that API projects are perfectly delivered.

Read more about Harry here

Doshii Is Bringing Venues and Technology Seamlessly Together

Doshii August 2019 Update

This month we are excited to share a success story from Sydney’s Silly Tart Kitchen using the Doshii-Beam integration, we announce a successful integration with Mr Yum, and we introduce a new member of the Doshii management team.

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Venue Spotlight: Sydney’s Silly Tart Kitchen gains better returns with Loyalty and Payment App
Beam Wallet and Doshii

Explore how The Silly Tart Kitchen is beaming their way into the future and delighting their patrons with the Beam Wallet App.

The Beam Wallet App is a convenient way for customers to accrue an instant 10% loyalty reward at participating venues.

For the business owner, Beam is a demand generation platform driven by realtime customer data. The App provides valuable insights on customer behaviour and has the ability to send promotions and offers directly to a user’s mobile device.

Read the Case Study

Mr Yum partners with Doshii to seamlessly connect to venue POS systems

Mr Yum is an innovative startup that allows customers to see a visual version of a venue’s menu on their phone by simply hovering their camera over a QR code. Imagine Instagram for the restaurant menu but better! 

The online visual menu offering is completely free for venues and Mr Yum also offers a mobile order and payment portal that uses Doshii to connect seamlessly to a venue’s POS system.

Read Mr Yum Spotlight

Introducing Doshii’s Managing Director – Clive Thorpe

Doshii is pleased to welcome Clive Thorpe as Managing Director.

Clive is proven in global sales, go-to-market strategy, and customer satisfaction. He is formerly CEO for Delivery Hero’s Australian business, which IPO in 2017 for USD$4.7 billion. He will be focusing on providing support to all customer-facing departments at Doshii, and the continued Doshii expansion into Asian markets.

Read more about this key appointment.

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What’s New at Doshii: July 2019

We’re excited to share some great updates about the Doshii platform, highlight some new POS connected Apps and a new member of the Doshii team.

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Doshii July 2019 Update About Doshii for Venues

Learn more about how Doshii helps your venue with the best hospitality Apps all in one place.

New App Store: Making it easier to find great Apps to drive your hospitality business forward

Here at Doshii we have been sharpening our focus toward attracting even more top-notch Apps and making it easier for you to find and connect the Apps that matter to your business.

To that end, we’ve launched the revamped Doshii App Store. 

If you don’t see an App you need for your business Drop us a line and let us know.

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App Spotlight: Cooking the Books teams up with Doshii to make kitchen management even more streamlined and profitable for venues

We’re excited to announce that Cooking the Books, a complete kitchen management tool, has recently teamed up with Doshii to make kitchen management for venues even more streamlined and profitable!

Cooking the Books offers a range of solutions to help increase the profitability of hospitality establishments and has designed a range of software programs to give hospitality venues the financial control and consistency they want. This web-based computer program has been designed to generate information to venues in relation to food costs, stock control, purchase orders, invoicing recipe cards, recipe cost sheets, electronic ordering and receiving, tendering, and menu and function costing.

By integrating with Doshii, venues using Cooking the Books are able to link information from their kitchen management tool directly to their Point of Sale systems.

Andrew Briese, CEO, Cooking the Books Group of companies believes that the integration between Doshii and Cooking the Books “is a huge benefit to our Hospitality customers.  Cooking the Books interface with Doshii allows all the pricing of menu items and modifiers to be captured in real-time in the venues Cooking the Books platform.  All sales information from the POS is visible and as soon as the sale is made the stock is decremented so that real-time stock movements and Gross Profit margins are available.”

Via the Doshii integration, all transactional data feed in real-time through to Cooking the Books, ensuring that venue management have real-time visibility of their stock based on sales directly from their POS.  Doshii also allows for live menu, item and modifier pricing directly via the venues Point of Sale system.

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App Spotlight: PosPay drives customer engagement

Doshii is pleased to announce that mobile customer engagement and payment platform, PosPay, is using Doshii to provide an enhanced customer experience for large hospitality operations.

PosPay delivers seamless, location-based ordering for customers at restaurants, hotels and festivals by customising their personal preferences when they are in range of a venue. Once in-venue, PosPay allows customers to enjoy meals and entertainment hassle-free, with payments transacted quickly and easily on their mobile phone.

The Doshii-PosPay integration provides a seamless experience for venues too. Staff receive orders directly through PosPay, reducing multiple order-handling and minimising the amount of training required for new staff members. This eliminates costly misplaced orders and frees up staff for more productive value-added customer interactions.

Read more about this integration.

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Doshii Welcomes Silicon Valley Entrepreneur As Advisor

Doshii is pleased to welcome the former Head of Product across the Uber Developer Platform, Chris Saad, as a strategic advisor to the team. Chris is lending his vast experience and skills to further develop the Doshii platform and Doshii App Store to make it easier than ever for venues to connect Apps to their POS.

With his help, we intend to rapidly expand our offering of rich Apps for your hospitality business over the months and years ahead.

Read more about this key appointment.

Last month at Doshii: October 2018

Last month has been an exciting month at Doshii. We are thrilled to talk about integration partnerships which enable venues to take control of online ordering, optimise staff time and attendance management, and improve consumer experiences through integrated AI solutions. Our CTO John Twomey also discusses real-time communication through API Integration.

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Doshii-Order Up! Integration

Take control of your online ordering with OrderUp! + Doshii certified POS

Doshii announces another key integration; the latest is with OrderUp!, a cloud-based online ordering platform that enables hospitality businesses to sell their products online via their own branded website and App and get paid daily. OrderUp! has been operating since 2010 and services hundreds of independent venues as well as major chains including Betty’s BurgersGrill’dNando’s, and Caltex.

Greg Williams and John Saddie

Greg Williams – Doshii GM (left) with John Saadie – CEO OrderUp! (right)

OrderUp! uses the Doshii API Platform to allow venues to receive online orders direct to their Doshii connected POS. Venue owners and operators benefit by only managing their menu in the POS and save time and money by not having to manually re-enter every online order into their POS system.

Read more about this integration.

Read More Here


Time attendance and rostering platform Tanda optimises staffing levels in real-time with Doshii

Tanda, a global workforce success platform utilises the Doshii API Platform to monitor real-time sales from venues using Doshii connected POS. The groundbreaking time and attendance management software, which has featured in national media like The AustralianSMH and Business Insider, offers strong payroll and rostering features. It also provides powerful real-time insights that help businesses track the correlation between sales and labour.




This is particularly valuable in the hospitality industry, as business managers can compare expected to actual figures as the day progresses – allowing them to make on-the-spot adjustments. The Doshii API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, allows customers to view the data in Tanda and gain immediate insights so they can manage their businesses better.

Read more about this integration.

Read More Here

Doshii-Tabsquare Integration

TabSquare partners with Doshii to launch AI-powered table ordering solutions

Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with Singapore-based restaurant tech startup TabSquare, with the first pilot venue already live in Australia. TabSquare is a digital menu and ordering App that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise the experience for consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency – according to TabSquare venues see an increase in average order spend and a decrease in labour costs.  The Doshii API Platform connects TabSquare with Doshii certified POS and allows orders to be automatically printed to existing printers at the venue and removes costly re-entering of orders at the POS. The integration demonstrates how Doshii’s API plus TabSquare’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution can improve and personalise the experiences of consumers while increasing operational efficiency.

Read more about this integration.

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API Integration Real-Time Communication

How Doshii enables real-time async communication between Apps and POS

We have the next blog in the API Integration series by Doshii CTO John Twomey. The latest one – API Integration Real-Time Communication – discusses how Doshii enables real-time async communication between Apps and POS.

While most webservice APIs will support a standard RESTful request/response mode of interaction, some may provide additional or alternative options via webhooks or WebSockets. These technologies enable different means of communicating with an API, with strengths and weaknesses that vary depending upon the context in which they’re used. Read more here.

Read More here


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What’s New at Doshii: September 2018

Following Coca-Cola Amatil’s investment last month we are excited to announce a series of ongoing local and international partnerships. Our latest integrations aim to redefine the way merchants accept payments, and help create seamless dining experiences. We announced a new feature this month that the Doshii API now supports webhooks for Apps, and our CTO John Twomey discusses how an API Platform can greatly reduce development costs when scaling your App or POS.

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Doshii and Waitrr integration creates a seamless dining experience

Doshii and Waitrr integration creates a seamless dining experience

Doshii is pleased to announce another App integration. The latest is with Waitrr, a mobile ordering and payments app that creates seamless dining experiences. Partnered with more than 150 food and beverage outlets across Singapore, Waitrr allows customers to select a restaurant on their mobile device, browse the menu, place a customised order, then pay quickly and securely.


Tim Wekezer - CEO (left) with Sean O’Meara - Doshii CEO (right)Tim Wekezer – CEO (left) with Sean O’Meara – Doshii CEO (right)


With Waitrr’s takeaway service, customers can order from their office or home via the app, pay, and choose their preferred collection time. Once they’re at the restaurant, customers simply collect their food without having to queue to order and pay.

The Doshii integration with Waitrr eliminates queues and frees up staff for personalised customer interactions. Read more about this integration.

Read More Here



Doshii-Tappr integration helps you accept payments faster

Doshii-Tappr integration helps you accept payments faster

Tappr – an Australian payment technology company that is redefining the way people pay, through its simple and quick 3-step process (sign up, start taking payments and receive funds next day).

Tappr CEO, Michael Davidson, says his company and Doshii share a common vision to connect and simplify everyday life. “Tappr is excited about our new partnership with Doshii. We both live in the world of payments and we’re striving to simplify a space that’s becoming increasingly complex and messy. In Doshii we see an organisation that views the world the way we do,” he says.

Tappr’s feature-rich dashboard is the system’s central hub and, via the Doshii API which connects Apps with POS in real-time, businesses can see all their transactions, integrate payment terminals, manage employees and update business details in one place.

This latest integration continues to demonstrate how Doshii helps businesses seamlessly manage the soaring number of ordering, payment, loyalty and reservation apps.

Read More Here


New Feature Announcement: Doshii now supports webhooks for Apps


New Feature Announcement: Doshii now supports webhooks for Apps

Doshii is constantly listening to its partners and looking for new ways to allow Apps and POS to connect. As a result of discussions and feedback with its development partners via its Community Forum, Doshii is pleased to announce that it now offers webhooks, in addition to its existing support for WebSockets. Read more here.

Read More Here


How can an API Platform dramatically reduce development costs when scaling?


How can an API Platform dramatically reduce development costs when scaling?

We have the next blog in the API Integration series by Doshii CTO John Twomey. The latest one – API Integration Maintenance – highlights key factors to consider when integrating with an API long-term. These vary depending on whether you perform a direct integration or a middleware layer such as Doshii. Read more here.

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What’s New at Doshii: July 2018

July has been very exciting for Doshii so far with the continued growth of the Doshii network. New Apps and POS across the ASEAN/APAC regions have signed up and others have completed their certification. The API Platform features have been extended through more suggestions made via the Doshii Community. Our CTO John Twomey has released his latest article on the Best Practices for API Integration.

Doshii image capability changes the game for Payment, Ordering, and Loyalty Apps

Doshii recently announced exciting developments in their image exchange capabilities. Following a live proof of concept release in the Doshii Dashboard in June, the planned expansions to the API will allow venues’ POS and Apps to link images of menu items, venues, and members – improving the customer experience and streamlining the ability for Apps to consume venue imagery from the one Doshii Platform.

Payment, Ordering, and Loyalty Apps all face a common problem: constantly changing menus at venues. Typically, venues follow a time-consuming manual process to update images of menu items across multiple disconnected Apps. Doshii will solve this problem by allowing Apps to retrieve images, in addition to providing the menu name and pricing information. Read More.

This new feature came out of our community forum; you can make your own feature requests right here.

Read the Full Article Here

Doshii Smart Table Integration API

Doshii and Smart Table create frictionless customer experiences for diners

Doshii recently added Smart Table to its portfolio of successful food and beverage industry partners. This ground-breaking App allows customers to order directly from their table via their smart device, without needing a waiter. Orders are sent directly to a venue’s POS via the Doshii API.

Smart Table General Manager Matthew Pustahya says his company’s App helps venues improve their customers’ dine-in experience by placing live ordering in their hands. They simply browse the menu, select meal options and place an order that goes straight to the kitchen.

“Being able to accept and service an order via a single terminal has helped our clients improve their service and efficiency levels dramatically. It’s a game changer for us and our clients,” he says. Find out more here.

Read About Smart Table Here

Triniteq Integration Doshii Apps POS Connected

Doshii-Triniteq integration maximises customer experience, spend, loyalty and insights

Doshii is this month highlighting another POS integration – with Triniteq, a company that specialises in building customisable Point of Sale systems that include an integrated Waiterpad, a fully-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and Loyalty platforms.

The working relationship is already well underway, with the partners collaborating on a project with a Triniteq client who requires best-practice data mining and analytics capabilities. Doshii is facilitating the flow of data between the Triniteq POS and a specialist data partner to provide this business intelligence.

The Doshii API supports Triniteq’s integrated POS and CRM system and allows maximised customer interactions at every touch point – whether it be front-of-house, back office, online or mobile. Click Here to read more.

Read about Triniteq’s Integration Here


Doshii API Integration Diagram

Latest blog in our CTO’s API Integration series

Doshii CTO John Twomey has created an easy-to-understand blog series covering all aspects of API Integration. The latest one – API Integration Best Practices – highlights a number of challenges that must be overcome when integrating with multiple external APIs, including data modelling, business logic and layering abstractions.

Once you have these in hand, the information that John outlines in his blog will allow easy connectivity to additional external APIs. Click Here to read his full run down.

Learn API Integration Best Practices

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Doshii offers an out of the box solution that can provide your application many of the same benefits discussed above with only a fraction of the coding time, effort, and expertise required. We’re here to help so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.


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What’s new at Doshii: April 2018

April has been a busy month at Doshii. App certifications and implementations continue to flow, and there have been some great new features rolled out as a result of collaboration with integrators. This newsletter also highlights our position on data security and expands on the full release of the Doshii Dashboard.


Stay up-to-date with our latest updates via Linkedin and @doshiiapi.


Greg Williams appointed Doshii GM


Doshii is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Williams as General Manager. Founder Sean O’Meara says the Board are very impressed with the product and technology advancements made under Greg’s leadership as Head of Product, and this appointment is recognition of the skills and experience he adds to the company.


“Greg has demonstrated an amazing ability to connect with POS and App partners from both a personal and technical perspective,” he adds. “The platform feature set has matured substantially and this has been key in driving Doshii forward.”


Sean mentions that the company will be adding more staff and resources over coming months to support development and product management, given the growing number of Apps and POS that are connecting to the Doshii platform across new geographical markets.


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Doshii Community forum drives new features


Doshii is expanding its order and payment API as a direct result of great collaboration with integrators via the Doshii Community forum. Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says the forum has been invaluable for the product and their partners. “It’s a great source of ideas, it’s helpful for requesting features from the Doshii team and is an important space for discussing and sharing support information”, he says.


The Doshii team are excited about the new features which have grown out of the Community forum. This highlights their openness to suggestions and responsiveness to the constantly changing venue management environment. Here are three new features originating from the Doshii Community forum:


1. POS Initiated Payment workflows


With POS Initiated Payment (PIP), POS initiates a transaction using Terminal ID & Application ID (these are optional). Payment Apps are then notified of the new Transaction requested and may handle the transaction as per the current process.


Join the discussion on PIP via our Community Forum post now.


2. Redemption Codes to support loyalty & payment Apps


Doshii will now also enable POS and Apps to exchange custom data when submitting transaction requests. This allows integrators to include membership IDs, gift-card sequences, voucher, promotion, and authentication codes which may be input manually, scanned (e.g. QR or barcode), or captured directly by Apps.


Join the discussion on Redemption Codes via our Community Forum post now.


3. Pre-ordering for reservations


This feature will allow users to pre-order meals when making a reservation, offering a streamlined experience for those who like to plan ahead. Customers no longer need to be checked-in before ordering.


Join the discussion on Pre-Ordering via our Community Forum post now.


Register for the Community forum


Users need to be registered with our Support & Guide platform to access the Community forum. You can locate the ‘Community’ link quickly and easily in the top right corner of the Support & Guide page. Please contact support@doshii.io or sign-up for a free trial if you don’t have access. Read all about it here.


Doshii’s POS-agnostic stance gives integration partners full control of their data


With the ongoing focus on data protection and security in the IT Industry, we’d like to remind you how we approach this vital question. GM Greg Williams explains it like this: “We take great pride in being a neutral, vendor-agnostic integration platform that offers best-practice data security.”


“Our value lies in connecting Apps and POS in real-time via a standardised API,” says Greg. “And our reputation is staked on our vendor-agnostic stance. For instance, we don’t share a integrators’ data with their competitors.”


Greg points out that Doshii has built strict boundaries into their operating environment. In fact, one of the main features of Doshii is that venues are ultimately in control of their data and which Apps are connecting to their venues POS system. “Data isn’t shared with anyone, unless the venue permits,” he says, “and we definitely don’t share any data between POS companies.”


On the Doshii personnel front, access is tightly controlled and is limited to a select group of staff bound by strict confidentiality agreements.


Click here to read more about our data security and privacy policies.


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Doshii API Dashboard full release gives critical info at a glance

After a successful Beta program, the Doshii API Dashboard has now been rolled out as a full release.


Access to the display provides an easy way to manage and monitor all your Doshii integrations from one place in real-time. This provides a valuable window into your integrations, ensuring that they are working smoothly.


6 key Doshii Dashboard 2.0 features


  1. Quickly and easily view and manage all registered venue locations from a single console.
  2. It is built on the same Doshii API as all integrations so data is seen in real-time.
  3. The user-friendly interface allows quick venue onboarding, issue debugging and configuration of new connections.
  4. Easy-to-read, meaningful statistics are presented for monitoring connection points.
  5. Integrated Support & Guide allows easy searching of guide documentation and request enhancements, and accessible Helpdesk support and chat with available agents.
  6. Viewing and simulating requests and responses directly within the dashboard speeds up integration development.


All ongoing feedback is valuable, so please head over to our Community Forum to share any insights, request new features and have your say on others’ suggestions.

To get access to the new Doshii API Dashboard, click here.

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Record Number of Integrations in March

We have never had so many App certifications in one month before, with some exciting implementations taking place in collaboration with some great partners. Look out for the new integration announcements coming soon. Follow us on Linkedin and @doshii_api for the latest updates.


Check out our new video, which highlights the value that Doshii brings in connecting Apps & POS.


apps & pos connected



Update on the new Support & Guide Platform


Support & Guide Platform

You would have seen a section last month describing our new API Documentation and Support platform, which enables all Doshii users to chat with our team members directly from any of our platforms; the Doshii Website, Dashboard, Support and Guide.


This means all users have quick and easy access to our experienced support team if they require any assistance. We’re confident our new platform provides a great user experience for all of our clients.


A number of you have been in touch recently asking where the documentation has been relocated to following our platform release.


Click here to access our Support and Guide platform.


Please note that if you haven’t already, you’ll need to request access to the new documentation, which the Doshii team will review and approve.


If you are a Doshii Integration partner, you will already have access to the Support and Guide. If you haven’t signed up yet, click below to get started.

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Latest blog in our CTO John’s API Integration series


Doshii CTO John Twomey has created an easy-to-understand blog series covering all aspects of API Integration. The latest one is titled Architecting multiple integrations via one API. Below are the key points; click here to read John’s full run down.


  • There are complexities associated with integrating with third-party API’s due to competing APIs and standards. This increases development, testing and maintenance time and costs, but can be mitigated by using a ‘middleware’ API.
  • What if your application or POS system could talk to a single service that internally handled communication with each of the related API’s and then just shipped you the result? It might look something like the graphic below.


doshii graphic


  • We’ve added a ‘middleware’ layer that sits between your solution and the rest of the world. Instead of talking to many different APIs, your solution only needs to integrate with one; the middleware’s. This means a reduction in development, testing, and maintenance; i.e. time and money.
  • This middleware is called Doshii (see the diagram below). Doshii provides API integration, management and aggregation as a service. This frees up your time and allows you to focus on your product.


Doshii API Middleware


See below for John’s other articles in this series. To make sure you stay up to date, follow us Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter.


1. What is API Integration? John outlines what an API integration is, provides some background on how it came to be and explains its importance in modern technology. Read more here.

2. API Integration Basics. Learn about the key features of an API integration from an expert. And how to pull it all together to create a successful integration. Read more here.

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Doshii BluFlow Integration

Doshii partners with Bluflow for advanced digital menus


Doshii is thrilled to announce a Bluflow integration partnership. Bluflow’s solution creates advanced digital menu systems that are already popular with many businesses. However, as a result of the collaboration with Doshii for a reliable POS connection, this technology has become even more efficient.


It took just two weeks after the initial meeting between the Doshii and Bluflow teams to set up the integration strategy.


Bluflow’s innovative solution for POS systems allows businesses to coordinate their digital menus and sales and grabs customer attention through creative and attractive digital signage and displays. It works seamlessly across all digital screens simultaneously, so updates can be applied quickly across a business’s entire system. This new App and POS integration means employees using POS technology will no longer have to enter the same information repeatedly.


Bluflow’s software was developed specifically for the hospitality industry, so they understand the requirements of some of Doshii’s biggest clients.

Read more about this integration

Doshii hits the ground running in 2018

Doshii hits the ground running in 2018

Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been happening here at Doshii, if you want more real-time updates about our content, follow us on Linkedin and @doshiiAPI.

New Board Members

Doshii is pleased to announce that Michael Starkey & Simon Beckett have been appointed to the Board of Directors at Doshii.


Doshii Simon Beckett Board of DirectorsSimon Beckett

Simon Beckett has experience in leadership roles across financial services in Europe, Asia, US and Australia and brings strong commercial experience in M&A as well as innovation and strategy.


Doshii Michael Starkey Board of DirectorsMichael Starkey

Mr. Starkey co-founded iSelect in 1999 and spent eight years at NAB most recently holding the position as General Manager Deposits and Payments


For the full story check out the Doshii blog – New Board Members appointed at Doshii.


New Guide and Support platforms

We’ve just released two new platforms for our Integration Partners. The Doshii development and support/on-boarding team have released the new platforms aimed at assisting Partners to connect as quickly as possible to the Doshii API and troubleshoot issues and certification with ease.

Our updated Guide provides improved support services and assistance on the integration process with Doshii:

  • Search across all articles including FAQ, API reference and community forums
  • View code examples of API requests and responses
  • FAQ articles on most often asked topics
  • Community forums to discuss integration and suggest new features
  • Contribute to, vote and comment on articles and features
  • Raise and view support requests, and integrate with partner support platforms to manage any potential issues in one place
  • Chat and raise tickets from any of our platforms including Website, Dashboard, Support & Guide.

If you are a Doshii Integration partner, you will already have access to the Support and Guide. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to get started

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Doshii Dashboard Beta program

In last month’s newsletter, we announced that the new Doshii Dashboard set for release at the end of January. We’re excited to see the Dashboard Beta program in full swing now but it’s not too late to sign-up to get an early look and have your say on the new platform – we’d love your feedback! To get early access to the new dashboard and be part of the Beta program, apply here.

Get Access to Beta


Doshii partners with Mobecom for airBux api launch

Doshii is excited to announce a partnership with Mobecom for the 2018 launch of the new airBux wallet and loyalty app. ‘Doshii’s venue network is growing and is set to rapidly increase with expansion into ASEAN and South African markets. This expansion is an exciting time and current discussions show high demand for Doshii across these markets which will increase the number off venues Doshii can provide access to.’ Doshii’s CEO Sean O’Meara explains. According to O’Meara and the Doshii team several POS and App companies across Singapore are already integrating their products to the Doshii API platform which will see their available venue market grow by 300% over the coming months.

At launch in Q2 2018 customers of the airBux app and merchants will benefit from full POS integration through Doshii’s platform and will be able to make full use of the ordering, payment and loyalty schemes across multiple venues.

Get started with your App or POS integration with Doshii to expand your feature offering to your customers.

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API Integration Blog Series

Doshii CTO, John Twomey, has been working on a blog series covering all aspects about API Integration. The first articles of the series have been released:

What is API Integration

John outlines what an API integration actually is, a background on how it came to be, and how it’s importance in the modern era.

Read more about it here.

API Integration Basics

Learn about the key features of an API integration from an expert. And how to pull it all together to create a successful integration.

Read more about it here.

If you’re not already signed up to be part of the Doshii Network, click here to get started today.

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What’s New At Doshii In 2018

New look for Doshii in 2018!

What an exciting last 12 months it’s been for the team at Doshii!

Updated logo, website, support and documentation

We have released our updated logo and message ‘Apps & POS Connected. Connect Once.’ This absolutely sums up the benefit that Doshii provides.

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With our new website going live, Doshii is focused on solving the problem for Apps to connect to POS and access thousands of venues via one integration platform. Doshii allows Apps & POS to focus on core product development whilst the Doshii API allows both to seamlessly integrate – this benefits venues by accommodating the many Apps that need to communicate directly with their POS.

Doshii Founder & CEO, Sean O’Meara explains, ‘It’s not just the Apps & POS that benefit from Doshii – the time saving, reconciliation and ease of connecting Apps and POS is a HUGE win for Venues. Doshii allows Apps & POS to focus on core product development whilst the Doshii API allows both to seamlessly integrate with thousands of venues.’

We have added in a new help-desk system as well as a complete overhaul of our documentation platform whilst automating a number of tasks and added in a variety of new features to allow Apps to be activated via the new Dashboard.


More Innovative Features

In consultation with our App & POS partners, we are continuing to add new innovative features including specific order-ahead, loyalty and payment options.

The Doshii development team have also implemented improvements to our infrastructure and delivery pipeline so that Doshii continues to provide the reliability and performance at a greater scale in 2018.


New Partnerships

Last year Doshii signed an exciting agreement with Omnivore – an API platform based in San Francisco which is heavily focused on the US, UK, and European markets. This arrangement has created new integration opportunities immediately for the Australian and NZ market which will soon include countries location across APAC and Africa providing access to venue POS with a larger geographical footprint. We are continually working closely with the Omnivore team to provide App & POS partners superior regionalised support and integration platforms on a global scale.


We’ve forged many new successful partnerships including with Menulog, OpenTable, QSIC, ImpactData, Tanda, BluFlow, HeyYou and Tayble and we have several more Apps & POS scheduled for release connected via Doshii this year.


New Dashboard

A new Doshii Dashboard is set for general release late January that will allow venues to manage their connections with ease and allow Apps & POS to access real-time data via to ensure that integrations are working at all times – and troubleshoot any issues immediately.

  • Users can now easily see and manage all the registered venue locations and the App and POS instances they are connected to from the one console.
  • The dashboard is built on the same Doshii API as integrations, seeing same data in real-time.
  • Task-oriented from users’ perspectives for quickly on-boarding venues, debugging issues and configuring new connections.
  • Augmented by real-time statistics for monitoring services with easy to read and meaningful statistics to all the connection points.
  • Integrated Helpdesk and support to search the guide documentation, request enhancements, and support and chat with available agents.



Dashboard Early Access


Awards and Events

To cap off a great year, we were delighted to be recognised as one of Melbourne’s top 40 startups by The Martec. We were honoured to be included in the Grant Thornton Business Bootcamp, and the Intersekt Event this year, and look forward to participating in many more in 2018.


New Talent

Doshii added three new senior members to work alongside our already talented team:

  • CTO: John Twomey
  • Head of Product: Greg Williams
  • Lead Developer: Stefan Aichholzer

Read more about the new team here


2018 and beyond…

So what does the future hold? Well, we’re even more excited than ever about the future development of the API Platform and Doshii Dashboard. Partner Sandbox and Documentation will require new logins for 2018; If you would like early access to our brand new Dashboard which gives real-time analytics and monitoring of all your integrations – let us know here.

Please complete our partner survey if you haven’t done so already, which will help us prioritise improving our product and resources to support your plans for 2018. Please note, current Sandbox and API Documentation accounts that have not completed the survey will be deactivated this January 29th, 2018.



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We have a number of exciting new app and POS features in the pipeline, so stay tuned for further updates.

Here’s to a prosperous for all our App partners and POS vendors and venues and cheers to an exciting 2018!

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