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Coming soon – The Doshii Connect App!

At Doshii we’re thrilled to announce the imminent launch of our Connect app – a solution for venues to help them manage their connected world with ease and confidence.


Connect your Point of Sale

The Connect app calms the chaos by centralising business operations and putting them at the tip of your fingers.


Use multiple apps in one place

The Connect app gives you total control of customer orders, in one place, accessible on any device.


Get deep insights about your venue

The Connect App provides real-time visibility of all your revenue channels including your POS and App sales – allowing you to better understand your business in a consolidated view.


After launch, there’ll be heaps more features added through regular releases too, like menu management. We know our venue partners have loved the time saving benefits of using Doshii Dashboard to manage their menu across all connected apps, so of course that will be coming to the app too.


And there’s much, much more. Keep up to date for launch date information and feature releases by getting in touch to register your interest.

Doshii provides more than just seamless app integration

When Scott from Squires Loft in Geelong and Torquay decided to streamline his businesses with Doshii, it improved and simplified their business in more ways than one.


Scott leveraged Doshii to connect OrderUp! as his online ordering platform, ImposPlus as his core POS system, and Tanda to take care of his rostering.


In addition to simplifying the chaotic, ever-changing world of ordering apps and saving time processing over 100 takeaway and 250 dine-in orders a night, Doshii also provided detailed, easy-to-access data about business operations, leading to smarter decisions and increased revenue.


For example, through the connection of Tanda into the POS system, Doshii displays labour costs as a percentage of revenue in real time. Having that kind of information at his fingertips allows Scott from Squires Loft to make smarter decisions about staffing whilst eliminating the burden of finicky, manual number-crunching.


And with less on his plate, Scott now has more time to focus on what’s on his customers’.


Doshii can help you connect your ImposPLUS to a world of apps and opportunities to drive revenue and reduce costs. If you want to find out how we can help you and your venue, get in touch with Doshii directly at support@doshii.io

Why venues love Doshii

We connect you quickly

We help you connect your POS to Apps quickly and easily – so you can go back to focusing on what you do best.

We give you control

We set you up to manage your digital menu – item names, prices and images – rom one place, across all of your Apps.

We save you time

We create efficiencies by enabling orders to be received directly to connected POS terminals & printers.

We work as real partners

Our customer success team is on hand to help you master technology, make sense of the numbers and realise your potential.

Want to see how Doshii could simplify your connected world?


Get in touch today, head to doshii.io or email us at hello@doshii.io

What’s new at Doshii?

Outback Steakhouse AU

Digital ordering made simple for Outback Steakhouse, with Doshii, Micros and OrderUp!

Outback Steakhouse has turned to Doshii to help streamline its digital ordering process, meaning more time for staff to focus on what matters: juicy steaks.

Pre-COVID-19, Outback Steakhouse’s eight venues collectively received around 3500 app orders per month. Chris and his team calculated the labour cost of manually re-entering these orders into their in-house POS at 80 cents per order, meaning Outback Steakhouse was wasting around $2800 per month just to retype customer orders.

“Doshii sends customer orders from Apps, like OrderUp! directly to the Micros POS which prints the food to the kitchen and any drinks to the bar, with no need for staff to waste time on re-entering orders,” explains Outback Steakhouse CEO Chris Noble. “Time and money saved!”

“If only we were aware of Doshii earlier, we’ve been thrilled with the results” he adds.

Doshii can help you connect your Micros POS to a world of Apps to drive revenue and reduce costs, if you want to find out how we can help you and your venue, get in touch with Doshii directly at support@doshii.io

Early Doshii data reveals dine in ordering via apps increases by 24% after lockdown

The Doshii team has been analysing data over the last few months, specifically delving into the period prior, during and following (hopefully) the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Now, everyone will know that out of venue ordering and delivery has gone through the roof during lockdown, but interestingly, as we’ve come out of lockdown (a false start for VIC sadly) we’ve started to see a rise in transactions across dine in digital ordering.

The results show a sharp increase of 24% across dine in ordering apps, up from a 31% pre-Covid to a huge 55%, tracked via the data Doshii can access across a plethora of apps in Australian venues. This was certainly a transformation already well under way before COVID-19 but the pandemic has clearly accelerated things further.

Doshii CEO and Founder, Sean O’Meera, said: “At Doshii, we love to see venues adopting new technology – particularly when it can drive new efficiencies for restaurant businesses. We work with a huge range of ordering apps and it’s been great to see so many of them  ‘pivot’ quickly to provide venues new features over the last few months – hats off to them!”

Stay tuned for a full report coming soon on post-Covid trends, but in the meantime if you want to talk more about the data and insights Doshii has access to and the trends that could impact your business, simply get in touch.

Allow your customers to order via Facebook Messenger?


Yes, that’s the future and Botty already has you covered.

Botty was launched across South East Asia and United States throughout 2019 and recently connected with Doshii – enabling venues and their customers to place orders directly through to a POS system using Facebook Messenger, Web and Google ordering.

Doshii already works with a growing list of the key Apps a venue needs to run a modern business, and those you’ll need in the future. We are pleased to welcome Botty to the list of new Apps available to venues.

Helping more venues connect with Square.

In just over a month since Doshii welcomed Square to its ecosystem of connected Point of Sale (POS) we’ve seen a huge increase in bars, restaurants and cafe venues connect to the Doshii platform, to access the growing range of delivery and in-venue ordering Apps.

The new connection enables any venue with Square to connect to Apps available via theDoshii App Marketplace that can help them operate their digital business – driving efficiency by putting you, the venue, in control of your digital menu and removing double entering of orders at the POS.

Venues using Square POS and want to connect with Doshii can find Doshii in the Square marketplace or get in touch with Doshii directly at support@doshii.io.

Exciting changes at Doshii for 2020

It’s been a big year at Doshii – and we are set for an even bigger year in 2020.

Doshii has been proudly working with Venues, App Developers and POS Vendors for more than 3 years now. Over that time we’ve listened closely and learned a lot about how we can serve the entire ecosystem better with our key objective to deliver further value and benefit to individual venues and larger organisations using the Doshii Platform and App Marketplace.

As a result, we’ve been working hard on a number of key changes to Doshii products, pricing and partnerships to deliver new value to Venues, App Developers and POS Vendors. Specifically…

For Venues: A renewed focused on making your business work more effectively with modern Apps.

For App Developers: New tools including open developer docs and Doshii Dashboard to connect faster, with the ability to simulate and monitor order-flow in real-time.

For POS Vendors: A clearer, more comprehensive partnership program and access to great tools available for POS via the Doshii Dashboard.

For Everyone: A new website, improved monitoring tools and expanded support team – stay tuned for a number of additional new features available via the Dashboard.

For Venues: A renewed focused on making your business better

Doshii API Venues POS
Restaurants are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to provide every critical app they need to run their hospitality business – all in one place. We also want to make sure those Apps are plugged right into their POS system so that staff never have to re-enter an order from Deliveroo or Order Up! ever again.

With our revamped App Marketplace, it’s easier than ever to understand the range of Apps we support, what they do and how they work better with Doshii.

With our new, standardised and transparent pricing, restaurants can sign up and connect 1 App to their POS system for free! There’s also great options for more Apps and larger operations.

It’s also becoming easier than ever for restaurants to set up Doshii for their business, connect their POS and start exploring, activating, managing and using Apps. Stay tuned for more announcements in this area.

For App Developers: Public Developer Docs

Doshii App Store API
App Developers are the creative force that have been dramatically changing our world over the last decade.

At Doshii, our mission for App Developers is to help them integrate with, and sell
to venues all across Australia and Asia.

Our new, public API docs make it easier than ever for developers to understand the Doshii API as the definitive way to plug into a wide range of POS systems and be successful in the market.

Our revamped App Marketplace is a powerful channel to promote Apps to the vibrant restaurant community. The App Marketplace also represents the tip of the spear when it comes to our renewed focus on actively promoting Apps to our restaurant customers through mailing lists, regular conversations and much more.

We’ve also introduced a new, transparent pricing model that makes it free for App Developers to access the core features of the Doshii Platform.

For POS Vendors: A deeper, more comprehensive partnership program

Point Of Sale Solution Doshii

Over the years we’ve increasingly come to rely on our POS Vendors as key strategic partners. The more closely we work together to integrate our systems and operations the better we can serve restaurants and App Developers.

For our POS partners, we focus on delivering them new revenue by plugging them into a rich ecosystem of powerful Apps.

Our new standardised partnership agreement and operational playbooks emphasise deep coordination with a focus on serving restaurant customers as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our new business model also reflects our partnership focus with zero upfront investments and commission revenue from each App activation.

For Everyone: A new website

Doshii API Software POS
To reflect these changes and refinements, we’re excited to launch our fresh new website with a fun new design language. We hope you love it!

The Doshii Team.

What’s New at Doshii: November 2019

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November 2019 Update

There’s An App For That?

Hospitality businesses have had to find ways in which they are able to future-proof themselves by constantly evolving. The hospitality industry has become more competitive thus more driven to link data from the point of sale to revenue. Doshii reviews which Apps and web platforms your venue can benefit from.

Five Hospitality Apps Your Venue Needs

From reservations and online delivery services to loyalty and modern-day payment and gift card products, these important tools lend a valuable helping hand to many small and large hospitality venues.

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Doshii Saves Restaurants Time and Deliveroo Delivers

Venues connecting with Doshii and Deliveroo ensure that their delivery orders are seamlessly streamed directly into their POS.

  • Eliminate Order Entry Errors – Orders are directly streamed into the venues POS
  • Staff Go Where Needed Most – Not having to duplicate orders means better use of staff time
  • No Additional Hardware – On order acceptance the order is sent directly to their POS and printers print
  • Quicker Reconciliation – Venue management benefit with faster monthly order reconciliation

Delivery App Deliveroo Australia

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me&u – Mobile Ordering And Payment App Partners With Doshii

Founded by one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs, Stevan Premutico tells why top end venues are embracing his me&u app and how partnering with Doshii has improved the App for the venues.


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The Doshii Tips and Tricks Of Easy Menu Management

1. Manage your menu from one place – the dashboard
2. Find one product but make changes across multiple apps
3. Curate your own menu – easily
4. Make the menu pretty & easy for the customer
5. Safe, secure, simple – update your menu items directly once

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About Doshii

Our integration platform connects essential Apps and hospitality platforms – leading venues to embracing real-time analytics, reservations, mobile payments, ordering, loyalty, gift cards and more.

Doshii loves venues and we are working with our partners and customers to bring solutions to everyday hospitality problems, seamlessly.

Get Connected With Doshii

What’s New at Doshii: October 2019

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October 2019 Update

Doshii loves venues and we are working with our partners and customers to bring solutions to everyday hospitality problems, seamlessly.

Our API management platform interfaces with essential Apps and hospitality platforms – leading venues to embrace real-time analytics, reservations, mobile payments, ordering, loyalty and more.

Ziggys Eatery has been able to extend their business with the OrderUp! and Doshii, by bringing together a powerful but simple delivery service for their customers.

Looking after your hospitality staff is easier than ever with Tanda who ties your operation back to your venues Point of Sale.

Read about the Food Delivery Industry in Australia and how it continues to grow and expand. Global figures speak of this dramatic increase, with 25% growth expected between 2016-2019

Ziggys Eatery Keep Delivering With OrderUp! and Doshii

“We decided to forge ahead with OrderUp! and our POS system because we could see the benefits of convenience for our customers”

– Founder of Ziggys Eatery, Assaf Stizki 

Doshii API Ziggys Eatery Melbourne OrderUp! Delivery

Busy Ziggys Eatery restaurants in Melbourne have created their own delivery portal on their website and it’s bringing more repeat business than expected.

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Tanda And Doshii Make Happier Staffing Rosters

Tanda Live Insights


Tanda helps venues predict the busy times and manage their staff all the time. The platform take the guess work out of award compliance, on-boarding, staff rostering, clocking in and out and payroll.

Tanda uses Doshii to provide realtime revenue insights from venues’ Point Of Sale systems. What can the Tanda platform do for your venue?

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The Food Delivery Industry Continues To Grow In Australia

Businesses have had to find ways in which they are able to future-proof themselves by constantly evolving.

Food Delivery Apps

Few industries have been left unscathed by the break-neck pace of change that has defined the 21st century. The food delivery industry has expanded drastically in the last decade and Doshii looks at how technology is playing a big part to meet venues customer expectations in Australia.

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What’s New at Doshii: September 2019

We’re excited to share some great updates about the Doshii platform, highlight some new POS connected Apps and a new member of the Doshii team.

Stay up-to-date with our latest updates via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Doshii September 2019 Update About Doshii for Venues

Learn more about how Doshii helps your venue with the best hospitality Apps all in one place.

We share insights on how Strike Bowling has increased food and beverage spend at their lanes with TabSquare and Doshii. 

The Australian Venue Co.has partnered with Mr Yum and Doshii to take the wait out of ordering at festivals.

We put our own Harry Lee in the spotlight – meet the Doshii team.

doshii partners

Visit the Doshii App Store

Strike Bowling Bowled Over With TabSquare Results

The Doshii API has led to a 40% increase of  orders placed at Strike Bowling using the convenient TabSquare kiosks. Shannon Grant Funlab Doshii API

Shannon Grant is very pleased with the Doshii API which facilates the processing of the orders directly to the venues POS system. TabSquare kiosks placed at the bowling lanes are proving to be a huge success for players and the Strike Bowling venue. The convenience of being able to order directly to the has lead to more orders being placed and higher revenue but most importantly lead to a better customer experience for the players having a fun night out.

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Venue Spotlight: Doshii and Mr Yum Makes Ordering And Paying FUN At Festivals!

Mr Yum Doshii API

Customers love the seamless ordering experience and where else can you book yourself an igloo in Australia? Mr Yum is innovating how we choose,  order, pay and eat. Mr Yum is being used in more than 50 Australian Venue Co sites. By partnering with Doshii, Mr Yum is now able to to place orders directly with a venues POS, frictionlessly process the payment from the customers own device – making any festival truly festive.

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Introducing Doshii’s – Harry Lee


Warrior of Code, Defender of Love

At Doshii we ?? to share profiles of our team – we are a dedicated group of talented folks, working together to ensure that API projects are perfectly delivered.

Read more about Harry here