Doshii welcomes venues with Square

Square for restaurants POS Doshii API

Doshii is excited to welcome Square to its ecosystem of connected Point of Sale (POS) systems across Australia. The connection enables any venue with Square POS to connect to the growing range of e-commerce applications available via Doshii App Marketplace to help operate and run their digital business.

Helping more venues connect

Doshii CEO and Founder, Sean O’Meara explains, “With the current COVID-19 environment venues are having to adapt and connect specifically with a range of ordering Applications (Apps) to run and drive digital sales to their business. Directly from Square POS, sellers can enable Doshii and gain access to the growing list of ordering and delivery Apps”

Connect today, Connect for FREE.

As part of the partnership, venues can access Doshii for free for the next six months (until October this year) and connect multiple Apps directly to their venues’ POS. Doshii connects to a range of ordering Applications such as Deliveroo, Mr Yum, OrderUp!, Mobi2Go, me&u , FROLO and WebPOS, through to reservation platforms including Resy and OpenTable.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams explains “Our goal is simple – we want to provide venues with the one platform to manage and maintain all of their digital e-commerce applications to reduce labour costs and drive revenue in a sustainable manner”

Venues can get connected immediately today.

More ordering & delivery options for Australian sellers

A number of venues have signed up to Doshii directly from their Square POS with Todd Gawn, owner of The Bearded Jaffle in Ascot Vale providing some insights:

“I wish all our Apps were on Doshii connected to our Square POS. No more copying over orders from multiple different tablets to our POS means there’s no room for error, orders automatically appear on the POS – instantly! As soon as we view the order it prints to the printers – 100’s of orders means lots of time re-entering orders, from multiple tablets. We are saving 2 minutes on each order coming through, freeing up lots of time and making service flow so much better!”

I wish all our Apps were on Doshii connected to our Square POS

Bearded Jaffle use Doshii to connect Square
Bearded Jaffle use Doshii to connect Square

Doshii essentially removed an entire process for us on every order – meaning we can focus on service and speed up our preparation time. It’s only the first few days, but we couldn’t be happier with Doshii if we tried!”

More resources & support

Square has announced support for businesses during this time, including waiving software subscription fees and offering additional business assistance through their dedicated resource hub.

It’s Doshii’s view that on the other side of COVID-19, merchants and their customers’ willingness to adopt in-venue and out-of-venue digital technology will sky rocket. The Square and Doshii connector, opens the door for even more Australian venues to quickly and easily find, evaluate and manage connected Ordering App solutions for both out-of-venue and in-venue (when it starts again) ordering.

More ordering & delivery options for Australian sellers

“We are excited to partner with Doshii to provide Square sellers with additional options for ordering and delivery, especially during this time,” said Square Australia’s Business Development Lead Colin Birney. “This is an integration we know our hospitality businesses will appreciate, enabling them to use one simple system for all their ordering and payment needs, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple apps and potentially missing sales.”

Venues using Square POS and want to connect with Doshii can find “Doshii” in the Square marketplace , or simply select ‘Square’ when getting started via our website.

For assistance, get in touch with Doshii directly at


How do I activate Doshii with Square?

What is the cost?

  • As of April, Doshii is waiving all Standard and Premium subscription fees to assist venues digitising during COVID-19, until October 2020.
  • Doshii has a Free plan offering for venues to connect one App for free on its basic plan. Doshii also offers more advanced, Premium and Enterprise starting from $49.90 per location per month. See:
  • Square has simple pricing, charging one flat fee for transactions, with no long term contracts. Square also offers a 30 day free trial for their dedicated Restaurants POS software to help businesses get started.

What’s the catch?

  • There’s no catch – Doshii may charge Apps a nominal amount to connect to specific locations.

What’s the benefit to me?

  • Using Doshii’s Digital Menu Management features available within the Doshii Dashboard, venues can manage their menus across all of their Doshii connected Ordering and Delivery Apps, giving power back to the venue to save time in managing pricing, naming, images etc…

Are my images from Square available in Doshii?

  • Yes, if you have images attached to your menu in Square these will be automatically synchronised and appear within the Doshii Digital Menu management platform where you can also manage specific images of food and beverage across each of the connected Apps.

Where do App Orders show up in Square?

  • Orders will automatically pop-up on your Square POS, and be available in your Active Orders list. You can choose ‘View New’ to view the order and choose from a range of options – all available in the Orders section of your Square POS.

Do I need to manually set order wait times?

  • If your Ordering App supports this (most do) you configure the setting in your Ordering App.

Can I change the Order Status?

  • Yes. The Order status can be changed per order by navigating to the Orders section of your Square POS. New Orders are automatically marked as ‘new’ and you can then toggle the order to ‘Mark as in Progress’ and ‘Mark as Picked Up’

Who do we contact?

Doshii and Beverage Analytics combine to deliver advanced analytics and offer insights to venues in real time.


Doshii and leading hospitality insights company, Beverage Analytics, have combined technologies to bring venues a real-time view of how their operation is performing in the beverages category. The integration means venues no longer need to develop and maintain multiple integrations – they can simply connect a Doshii Certified POS once via the Doshii API to have access to some of the most advanced analytics in the hospitality POS space.



With an initial successful Pilot program recently completed across 200 venues buying and supplying CUB products – driving better insights to venues on what they are selling and allowing better control over wastage.

Developed by international IoT company WeissBeerger, Beverage Analytics connects thousands of sites all over the world, giving these venues a huge advantage over those who have failed to take advantage of this market-leading solution.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says the combination of the Doshii API Platform and Beverage Analytics’ software gives venue managers a detailed view of market trends, allowing them to boost revenue through smart recommendations and targeted promotions from their beverage suppliers.

“The Doshii Platform with Beverage Analytics means large volumes of data can be processed lightning-fast, giving venue owners a real-time view of how they’re performing,” he says. “This allows them to track draught beer and other connected beverages and see what’s happening in their business 24/7.

“Importantly, it gives them incredible insights into market trends, including how their venue is performing compared with others in the vicinity.”

These insights come from secure, cleaned, anonymised data, so there’s no risk of competitors seeing what they shouldn’t.

Beverage Analytics benefits from the seamless integration with Doshii’s stable of connected ordering, payment, loyalty and reservation Apps. Doshii takes responsibility for integration and communication, allowing Weissbeerger to focus on developing its great product even further, instead of trying to manage hundreds of unique integrations.

“The Doshii integration also enables us to access to large batches of data more efficiently and faster. As Doshii grows locally and abroad it exposes the Beverage Analytics solution to a larger number of customers via the Doshii marketplace, which provides us easier scale” the company says.

Beverage Analytics

Other key Beverage Analytics benefits and features are:

  • Pinpoints the source of any beverage waste and suggests how to resolve this.
  • Provides detailed business insights, including revenue from beverages and volumes poured.
  • Provides smart recommendations, including optimal pricing, combos, menu changes and new products.
  • Provides performance figures by beverage category and product.
  • Tracks waste and quality by brand and line.
  • Notifies of under-, or over-pouring or after hours consumption.
  • Gives access to real-time data via the Beverage Analytics dashboard from anywhere via mobile and web.

WeissBeerger says their company is thrilled to partner with Doshii and they look forward to “scaling together in the Australian and international hospitality industry”.

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To contact Beverage Analytics, email, ring (587) 682-628, or visit

Doshii-Omnivore integration opens global opportunities for Apps and POS

Doshii - Omnivore Integration

Doshii and Omnivore are pleased to announce an extension to their global agreement to immediately allow Doshii connected Apps to integrate to Omnivore-connected POS which include an addressable market over 89% of venues in North America and Europe including the likes of Oracle Micros and NCR Aloha including a variety of leading cloud POS providers.

The partnership is a global play that is complemented with localised support teams based across Australia, Asia, USA and Canada and provides Apps and POS greater world-wide connectivity.

Omnivore CEO and co-founder Mike Wior says the partnership between Doshii and Omnivore “creates a symbiotic relationship that extends the reach of Omnivore’s POS and App connections by leveraging the Doshii Platform and support services and expertise in the APAC region.”

“Joining forces with Doshii allows Omnivore to access an expanded marketplace of opportunities and provides both sides with a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded global restaurant landscape.”

Doshii Founder and CEO, Sean O’Meara explains, “Under our existing agreement Doshii has a defined and focused market of Australia, Asia and Africa, Omnivore is focused on the US, UK and Europe and by bringing the API’s together via real-time connectivity any App connected to Doshii will be able to access Omnivore connected POS and vice-versa.  This strengthens the value proposition of Doshii and Omnivore whilst allowing each to better service the regions in which they operate.”

“Doshii’s continued expansion both locally in Australia and Asia means that the number of Apps already connected to Doshii will now be able to access a large breadth of POS throughout the region and will provide App connectivity to the majority of the Point of Sale vendors throughout the USA, Europe and UK.”

The extension of the Doshii-Omnivore integration partnership builds on the successes achieved so far, which have paved the way for hospitality and retail apps to connect with on-premise and cloud-based POS in a more streamlined way.

“Venues, Apps and POS are all winners with Doshii and Omnivore providing what it sees as a world first in API connectivity across the global Point of Sale industry.  Venues will benefit from a larger variety of connected POS and Apps. Our existing POS partners will also get access to best-of-breed hospitality and retail apps connected directly to Doshii or via Omnivore. It’s a win for everyone in the Doshii ecosystem and provides an entry road for Omnivore connected Apps wishing to access the APAC region,” O’Meara adds.

The rollout of the extension will initially cover Payment and Order Ahead Apps currently supported by either Doshii or Omnivore.  Doshii will provide venues with even greater connectivity by interfacing Apps to global POS providers, and global Apps to regional venues.

This means, for example, that a U.S.-based App connected to Omnivore can now interface with a POS connected to Doshii in Australia and any App connected to Doshii can interface directly through to Omnivore connected POS. “This increases the ability for venues to select from a variety of POS and Apps and evaluate and connect with ease.”

Both Apps and POS can continue to rely on Doshii’s years of experience, support and trusted knowledge while they enjoy the global exposure and benefits that come from the Doshii-Omnivore partnership.

Both companies will continue to build connections to POS and Apps on a global scale, covering online restaurant delivery, reservation and mobile ordering services, membership and loyalty, payments and anonymised data.

The agreement extension allows both companies to focus on integrations with Apps and POS within their respective regions while providing superior integration and development support at a local level. Omnivore, which has operated since 2014, has strength in the U.S. and European markets, while Doshii will continue to develop upon its successes in the APAC region, China and India.


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To contact Omnivore, visit their website.


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Doshii-Mimu integration brings simple, 3-step ordering-ahead to busy bars

Doshii is pleased to announce another successful integration. The latest is with mobile App, Mimu, which is helping transform the way we order food and drink in bars and restaurants. Mimu eliminates time spent waiting to order by letting patrons order ahead from their mobile phone.

To start the ordering process, customers simply open the Mimu App and their location is automatically picked up. Using Mimu’s intuitive UI, they then order what they want from the venue’s menu and head straight to online checkout – paying through the Mimu App.

Doshii’s API, which connects Apps with POS, then processes the order and payment in real-time and alerts staff at the venue to prepare the order.  Once the drink or food is ready, the staff member simply activates the ‘awaiting pick up’ signal and the patron is alerted. They then simply walk up to the designated Mimu collection area to collect their order or have it delivered to their table if the venue provides this service.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says we can all relate to the frustration of waiting to order and pay for drinks and food at a busy bar. “Mimu removes the need to queue,” he says. “This means we get to relax and spend more time chatting to friends and family. Mimu’s simple, three-step process will make our time at bars, in particular, so much more enjoyable.”

Andrew Jones, Mimu Co-founder and Director, says “integration with Doshii allows Mimu to offer venues a seamless ordering, payment and back-end reconciliation process, helping deliver even greater benefits to them.

“Our partnership with Doshii removes the need to queue, transact over a bar or till and the hassle normally associated with ordering drinks or food. This fits in perfectly with our mission to encourage people to frequent the on-premise scene by improving their experience of ordering and paying for food and drink in a vibrant, safe and hassle-free environment,” he adds.

Venues benefit from increased customer satisfaction and spend, as well as increased return patronage and a reduction in payment risks and errors. Venues also receive all their user data as part of their subscription to support loyalty and advertising programmes that can also be driven through Mimu.

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To contact Mimu, email, phone (041) 3580496, or visit their website.


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Let music boost your bottom line with Doshii-Qsic integration

Doshii - Qsic Integration

We’ve all heard – and probably experienced – how restaurants increase the tempo of their music to increase their table turnover rate, or encourage lingering patrons or shoppers to move on at the end of a long day. That used to be the extent of the science behind music in the hospitality and retail industries.

This unsophisticated approach is no longer. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role in generating commercial music playlists that create the right atmosphere for customers and enhance their experience. At the same time, it also strengthens a brand’s identity and lifts staff engagement.

Australian tech company Qsic has teamed up with Doshii to deliver a perfect in-store or in-venue sound experience. Qsic pairs in-depth musical knowledge with AI-curated business data to deliver soundtracks which enhance sales, encourage repeat business, improve customer satisfaction and boost the bottom line.

Doshii’s API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, supports Qsic’s ethos of making life easier for clients using state-of-the-art technology. Via the Doshii integration, clients can connect with any digital service, whether customer loyalty, CRM, BI, POS and more. They can harness Qsic’s smart music platform from all the most popular players.

And with real-time integration to a central management console HQ, the pressure is taken off staff to monitor and control the background music. This frees them up to focus on their customers or patrons.

Qsic Founder and CEO, Matt Elsley, explains that business environments change constantly, as customers come and go. This affects ambient sounds and the in-store or in-venue environment.

“Qsic’s industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) solution – called AVA – learns, predicts and adapts to these conditions to positively impact sales. AVA intelligently gathers and analyses data, then uses AI algorithms to tap into the music that best engages customers,” he explains.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, is excited to be partnering with Qsic using this cutting-edge technology. “Surveys show that if customers like the music that’s playing in a public area, four out of 10 of them are likely to stay longer. Music is particularly important to the younger generation – they’re the ones with the purchasing power of tomorrow.”

“Qsic’s technology turns background music into a high-performing sales platform, driving repeat business and increasing sales,” Greg adds. “It also enhances the experience for retail customers and diners. We’re pleased to have them join our large and growing stable of integrations and look forward to seeing how we can work together to develop the use of music in hospitality and retail.”

Qsic’s platform offers these key benefits and features:

  • Multiple locations and devices. Qsic can be played through iOS devices, desktop computer, Qsic Player or on SONOS. All players can be controlled from the central management console HQ, allowing easy control over devices deployed in stores and venues.
  • Hands-on, or AI-driven. Managers and staff can select playlists and tracks, or let Qsic’s curated playlists and smart algorithms deliver on-brand music.
  • Autonomous volume control. Patented AVA technology listens to the environment to fine tune the sound from each individual speaker.
  • Offline mode. If the internet connection is lost, the system seamlessly switches to offline mode. Pre-curated offline playlists kick in to keep music playing while the connection is restored.


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To contact Qsic, email, ring 1300 113 279, or visit

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TabSquare partners with Doshii to launch AI-powered ordering solutions

Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with Singapore-based restaurant tech startup TabSquare, with the first pilot venue already live in Australia. TabSquare is a digital menu and ordering App that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise the experience for consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency – according to TabSquare venues see an increase in average order spend and a decrease in labour costs.  The Doshii API Platform connects TabSquare with Doshii certified POS and allows orders to be automatically printed to existing printers at the venue and removes costly re-entering of orders at the POS.

This integration will demonstrate how Doshii’s API plus TabSquare’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution can improve and personalise the experiences of consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says his company is providing TabSquare with good access to the Australian market. “They have a great solution and big ambitions for the Asia-Pacific region. They want to connect with as many POS as possible and have chosen to integrate with Doshii because of our leverage with local POS.

“The integration with TabSquare demonstrates how we can help our partners grow and increase their reach. We are excited to be part of this pilot, which uses new technologies like AI in an alternative venue.”

TabSquare offers an end-to-end solution for venues, using artificial intelligence to create seamless operations, save labour costs, boost average cover value and speed up table turns.

TabSquare is pleased with the great access that the Doshii integration provides them into the Australian market. By connecting to the Doshii platform, TabSquare is relieved of the responsibility for integration and communication, allowing them to focus on growing their business in the region.

The fact that Doshii has representation in Singapore, where TabSquare is based, is also a big plus. They are able to leverage Doshii’s platform and capabilities both locally and abroad.

Other key Tabsquare benefits and features are:

  • Dynamic menu engineering
  • Smart upsell and cross-sell recommendation engine
  • Smart promotion engine
  • Personalised customer interface
  • Quick reordering feature
  • 1-to-1 marketing capabilities
  • Cloud-based online menu management
  • Robust business intelligence and data analytics reporting

Bottling giant Coca-Cola Amatil recently acquired a minority stake in TabSquare, through its corporate venture platform Amatil X. This is the second stake taken by Amatil X since it launched in April this year. It invested in Doshii in August – demonstrating its interest in partnering with companies with innovative, scalable technology solutions.

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To contact TabSquare, visit


About TabSquare

TabSquare provides AI-Powered ‘Smart’ In-Restaurant solutions to the F&B industry that leverage rich consumer data and deep learning algorithms to provide an engaging dining experience for restaurants’ diners and helps to double restaurants’ profitability. TabSquare’s solutions currently collect over 30 million customer interaction data points on a monthly basis. With a unique data-driven approach to restaurant management and customer engagement, TabSquare helps partner restaurants drive higher sales, streamline operations, and provide a better customer experience. A Market Leader in Singapore with customers in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.


TabSquare currently has 6000 active terminals in the region, serving over 12 million diners annually. Clients include well-known F&B brands such as Minor Food Group, Sushi Tei, Paradise Food Group, Japan Foods Holding, Zingrill Holdings, Chili’s, Strike Bowling, Old Town White Coffee, and PappaRich.


Take control of your online ordering with OrderUp! + Doshii certified POS

Doshii is pleased to announce a new partnership with OrderUp! – a cloud-based online ordering platform that enables hospitality businesses to sell their products online via their own branded website and App.

OrderUp! has been operating since 2010 and services hundreds of independent venues as well as major chains including Betty’s Burgers, Grill’d, Nando’s, and Caltex.

OrderUp Venue Partners

Thanks to its out-of-the-box functionality, plus flexibility, it can be rolled out quickly for a single site, or customised as a fully branded enterprise-level solution for multi-site locations.

John Saadie, OrderUp! CEO, says

thanks to Doshii, adding online ordering will be a seamless experience. You can receive orders directly into your POS and control your menu and other configurations, which means more orders and fewer mistakes.


“Our integration with Doshii will give our customers the ability to integrate with forward-thinking POS providers, which in turn open us up to new customers.”

Greg Williams, Doshii GM, says his team is delighted at the integration partnership with OrderUp! “Doshii’s API supports the OrderUp! online ordering system to give venues control over their menu and store settings. They can also promote their brand themselves – instead of using third-party websites – and access detailed reporting. Best of all, they get paid daily via your own online merchant account.

The added functionality will increase sales and loyalty, drive customer satisfaction and expand your reach,” Greg says.

Take control of your online ordering with the Doshii + Order Up! integration

Greg Williams (left), Doshii’s General Manager with OrderUp’s CEO, John Saadie (right)

OrderUp!’s system enables businesses to attract online customers, who can pre-order a delivery or pickup 24/7 via desktop or mobile. It can even handle table ordering and room service. The customer simply orders and pays online, and the venue receives the payment, prepares the order and gets it ready for pickup or delivery.

The platform already has some of Australia’s best-known brands on board – from large franchises to independent operators. John stresses that “no matter how big or small, our online ordering platform has been developed to suit many different industries. It is mobile-friendly and franchise-ready, and is already integrated with some leading POS systems – with more to come thanks to the Doshii integration,” he says.


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To contact OrderUp!, email, ring 1300 558 068, or visit

Time attendance and rostering platform Tanda optimises staffing levels in real-time with Doshii

Doshii is excited to showcase an integration with global staff time and attendance management platform, Tanda. This cloud-based groundbreaking workforce success software offers strong payroll and rostering features, as well as powerful real-time insights that help businesses track the correlation between sales and labour.

This is particularly valuable in the hospitality industry, as business managers can compare expected to actual figures as the day progresses – allowing them to make on-the-spot adjustments as needed. The Doshii API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, allows customers to view the data instantly in Tanda so they can manage their businesses better.

Dan Etiel, Tanda CMO, says

 “Tanda’s integration with Doshii offers customers a wide range of integrations that allow them to utilise their data to grow their business.


“By connecting Tanda and Doshii, customers get real-time sales data which allows them to optimise their business operations live throughout the day by making data-driven decisions. This level of insight has not been available before and is a significant step forward for real-time business intelligence.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, explains that

 “having live data allows customers to control their business and fine-tune their operation as the day unfolds, instead of having to try and correct events after the fact when it’s too late to remedy.



Tanda’s platform allows business managers to build a detailed roster based on locations and teams in minutes using its simple online rostering tool. This is then shared with staff via email or SMS, who clock in and out of shifts using Tanda’s Time Clock app. Automated timesheets are then updated in Tanda and its seamless integration with payroll ensures staff are paid correctly, in half the usual time.

Tanda’s full platform for Workforce Success includes:

  • Customisable employee onboarding
  • One-touch intelligent rostering with 5-point compliance check
  • Time and attendance with facial detection
  • Leave management
  • Compliant Award interpretation for over 35 industry awards and the ability to build in EBA’s on request
  • Payroll integrations with all top payroll solutions
  • A mobile solution for employees to view rosters, apply for leave and offer to fill vacant shifts.

Simplify your staff management and make more informed business decisions based on demand data, with Tanda.

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To contact Tanda, email, ring 1 300 859 117, or visit

Doshii and Waitrr integration creates a seamless dining experience

Doshii is pleased to announce another App integration. The latest is with Waitrr, a mobile ordering and payments app that creates seamless dining experiences. Partnered with more than 150 food and beverage outlets across Singapore, Waitrr allows customers to select a restaurant on their mobile device, browse the menu, place a customised order, then pay quickly and securely.


Tim Wekezer - Waitrr CEO with Sean O’Meara - Doshii CEO

Tim Wekezer – CEO (left) with Sean O’Meara – Doshii CEO (right)


With Waitrr’s takeaway service, customers can order from their office or home via the app, pay, and choose their preferred collection time. Once they’re at the restaurant, customers simply collect their food without having to queue to order and pay.


This seamless customer experience works just as well for clients who dine-in. They simply order and pay with Waitrr and their orders are sent directly to the POS system and kitchen for preparation via Doshii. Using the QR code on the table at ordering time means their meal is delivered as soon as it’s ready. After customers have finished eating, they may simply leave; There is no need to wait for the bill, making bill splitting a thing of the past.


Automating the time-consuming order taking and payment processes allows restaurants to increase the operational capacity of their staff. This frees them up to focus on providing a more personalised, premium service for guests. And for customers, Waitrr can save up to 18 minutes each day by removing the need to queue, order and pay – allowing them to maximize their lunch breaks!


Endorsing the benefits of the Doshii-Waitrr integration, Jake Pang, Managing Director of Wafuken says, “People in a rush can still have a pleasant experience at your shop instead of giving up queuing altogether.” This experience is sure to have a positive impact on any venue’s bottom line.


The Doshii API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, supports Waitrr’s high volume quick service restaurant segment.  With the Doshii integration, customer orders go straight into the POS of their restaurant partners, fitting seamlessly into their operation. Customers enjoy the resulting improved frictionless dining experience.


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To contact Waitrr, email, or visit


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Doshii-Tappr integration helps you accept payments faster

Doshii are pleased to announce the addition of Tappr to its portfolio of successful integrations. Tappr is an Australian payment technology company that is redefining the way people pay. Through its simple 3-step process (sign up, start taking payments and receive funds next day), the company is turning the payments industry on its head and improving the customer payment experience at the same time.

Tappr CEO, Michael Davidson, says his company and Doshii share a common vision to connect and simplify everyday life. “Tappr is excited about our new partnership with Doshii. We both live in the world of payments and we’re striving to simplify a space that’s becoming increasingly complex and messy. With the Doshii-integration we see an organisation that views the world the way we do,” he says.

“The Doshii partnership will allow us to bring our vision for payments to life in more ways and with more businesses”. – Michael Davidson, CEO, Tappr.


Tappr Integration


Tappr’s product suite extends beyond just cash and card, using mobile payments, payment agnostic smart terminals and a virtual terminal – all centralised within a feature-rich dashboard, which is the central hub. Via the Doshii API – which connects Apps with POS in real-time – businesses may see all their transactions, integrate payment terminals, and update business details in one place.

Connecting your POS to Tappr via Doshii happens quickly and easily through the Tappr Marketplace. Once integrated, transacting and recording payments is seamless; the integration will streamline transactions, simplify end-of-day procedures and give venues greater insights into daily sales.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says they are looking forward to an ongoing partnership with Tappr. “Their mobile payment solutions are next-generation in payment technology. Tappr accepts all major credit cards and debit cards as well as digital wallets. And we’re really impressed with their super-quick activation timeframes too.”

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To contact Tappr, ring 1300 804 091, or visit


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