Delivering amazing changes with Doshii

Doshii has been proudly working with Venues, App Developers and POS Vendors for 3 years now. Over that time we’ve listened closely and learned a lot about how we can serve the entire ecosystem better.

For Venues: A renewed focused on making your business better

Doshii API Venues POS
Restaurants are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to provide every critical app they need to run their hospitality business – all in one place. We also want to make sure those Apps are plugged right into their POS system so that staff never have to re-enter an order from Deliveroo or Order Up! ever again.

With our revamped App Store, it’s easier than ever to understand the range of Apps we support, what they do and how they work better with Doshii.

With our new, standardized and transparent pricing, restaurants can sign up and connect 1 App to their POS system for free! There’s also great options for more Apps and larger operations.

It’s also becoming easier than ever for restaurants to set up Doshii for their business, connect their POS and start exploring, activating, managing and using Apps. Stay tuned for more announcements in this area.

For App Developers: Public Developer Docs

Doshii App Store API
App Developers are the creative force that have been dramatically changing our world over the last decade.

At Doshii, our mission for App Developers is to help them integrate with, and sell
to venues all across Australia and Asia.

Our new, public API docs make it easier than ever for developers to understand the Doshii API as the definitive way to plug into a wide range of POS systems and be successful in the Australian hospitality ecosystem.

Our revamped App Store is a powerful channel to promote Apps to the vibrant restaurant community. The App Store also represents the tip of the spear when it comes to our renewed focus on actively promoting Apps to our restaurant customers through mailing lists, regular conversations and much more.

We’ve also introduced a new, transparent pricing model that makes it free for App Developers to access the core features of the Doshii Platform.

For POS Vendors: A deeper, more comprehensive partnership program

Point Of Sale Solution Doshii

Over the years we’ve increasingly come to rely on our POS Vendors as key strategic partners. The more closely we work together to integrate our systems and operations the better we can serve restaurants and App Developers.

For our POS partners, we focus on delivering them new revenue by plugging them into a rich ecosystem of powerful Apps.

Our new standardized partnership agreement and operational playbooks emphasise deep coordination with a focus on serving restaurant customers as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our new business model also reflects our partnership focus with zero upfront investments and commission revenue from each App activation.

For Everyone: A new website

Doshii API Software POS
To reflect these changes and refinements, we’re excited to launch our fresh new website with a fun new design language. We hope you love it!

The Doshii Team.

Meet the Doshii team: Harry Lee, Snr Software Developer

Meet Doshii Senior Software Developer – HARRY LEE

Harry Lee will tell you that there are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t. 😀

We always knew we needed somebody with serious coding ability but we never knew we needed a Harry, until Harry found us. Harry joined Doshii in late 2018 and came loaded with experience in React Native and Node

Hitting the ground running, Harry managed to begin contributing immediately in various areas, like API features and testing. Soon after, he created a server to host Doshii’s API documentation with Swagger, uniquely customised and augmented to the company’s needs.

Harry says “For a team to be effective, the members need to be similar enough to share the same vision and attitude and yet different enough to complement each other.”

Harry is a self-propelled computer enthusiast, with a long development history stretching all the way back to his first web page publication in the ’90s.

Coming from Singapore, Harry studied computer science in Melbourne. On his own accord, he learnt languages like PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and ventured into cloud computing with Azure, AWS, then Heroku. He believes “All the knowledge is out there. You can get it if you really want it.”

Before joining Doshii, Harry’s most recent role was with IBM as a Web and App developer. At IBM Harry was part of the teams that worked on large projects as a consultant and developer for WorkSafe (IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules) and TruEnergy (IBM Business Process Manager. This is where Harry found Node, which is a server-side language based on JavaScript… Han Solo had met his Princess Leia….

But then Harry met Doshi…. Harry found his tribe and was welcomed to the Doshii team. Harry is a great addition to the team, particularly given his experience in both Australia and Singapore along with his ability to conceptualise and build a full-stack software solution for Doshii’s clients.

It will come as no surprise that we think of Harry as the Swiss Army Knife of developers, his skillset covers all the computer code you could possibly hope for. He is like our very own Obi-wan Kenobi.

When Harry is not working he can be found in the digital world of online multiplayer gaming. Harry says “I enjoy team-based games. It’s nice when everyone thinks the same and works together against another team with the common goal of winning for the group and not the individual.”

Australian Venue Co. With Mr Yum Makes Selection, Ordering And Payment Processing Easier With Doshii Technology

Australian Venue Co (AVC) is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences across a national portfolio of restaurants, bars, pubs and dedicated event spaces. AVC is a top-notch hospitality group that has grown by nearly 3000% in the past 5 years.

Each AVC venue is focused on utilising its own unique character and charm. By building a highly skilled team at the venue whose goal it is to implement best practice operations, consistently deliver exceptional service and create amazing experiences for their customers.

Mr Yum whose web platform is used at AVC sites has partnered with Doshii. The Doshii API has connected the platform directly to the venues Point of Sale (POS) system which ensures a frictionless order placement and payment experience for the venue patron.

Kelsi Lewis, Applications Manager at AVC says “Australian Venue Co. operates 158 venues across Australia and as such implementing technology to drive efficiency across our venues is a must.  We are pleased to work with the knowledgeable Doshii team who assisted us with connecting our in-store POS to a number of Apps and have recently gone live with Mr Yum.”

Using a smartphone camera to scan a QR code, Mr Yum allows the customer to view an image of the actual dish or beverage. Being beautifully photographed the viewer can also see the portion size and detailed descriptions to avoid food FOMO. The venues menu is fully searchable, translates each dish ingredient into a number of languages and can filter menus into categories like vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. At the Winter Village, customers get an SMS when their order is ready to be picked up.

The customer can place an order via their device directly to the venues POS system. Payment is then taken seamlessly. The Doshii API ensures that this process runs smoothly and without any sense of friction to the customer or venue.

Kelsi continues “Orders from consumers own devices are quickly processed by allowing our customers to scan a QR code and be redirected to a web-ordering page, complete with images of all the items that we sell.  Once the order is complete and payment is made the order is sent directly to our POS system and prints out at the relevant areas, reducing cost and resulting in faster orders.”

Doshii Managing Director, Clive Thorpe says “Using Doshii technology to link two systems with a common API that eliminates the hassle and annoying wait for customers who just want to have fun at The Winter Village was a fun project. Now with Mr Yum web platform showing menus, adding items to a cart and processing payment are as easy as 1,2,3 for the patrons and venues”

Watch the video of Mr Yum being used and bringing the Doshii API at The Winter Village here


The Winter Village is a free pop up event  and it has recently been extended to run until 29 September 2019.

This is a euro-style winter wonderland at the top of the Skyline Terrace at Federation Square in Melbourne.

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Doshii scoops up ‘last mile delivery’ industry leader, Clive Thorpe, as Managing Director

Doshii, leader in API POS & App connectivity, today announced that App marketplace technology executive Clive Thorpe has joined the company as Managing Director. Thorpe has been at the forefront of table reservations, online delivery and last mile delivery for over 10 years.

Thorpe was CEO and general manager for Delivery Hero’s Australian business, which IPO in 2017 for USD$4.7 billion, prior to this he was head of national accounts for Just Eat, and he has since been involved in last mile delivery with Chinese based Didi Chuxing

At Doshii, Thorpe will oversee all customer-facing departments, including App and merchant relationships, POS vendor engagement, professional services, customer services support, loyalty and sales/marketing. Thorpe will bring his expertise through a combination of extensive sales experience, operations improvement and global go-to-market, ensuring Doshii’s customer initiatives are exceeded. Having driven growth strategies globally within several business units at Delivery Hero, Thorpe will also focus on fuelling Doshii’s continued expansion across APAC.

“What I found most compelling about the Doshii API was the technology and App marketplace, empowering merchants to select specific Apps which drive their business and with Doshii plugged in optimise revenues. Furthermore facilitating Apps and POS to communicate at scale is great for all involved – particularly the merchants,” said Thorpe.

“The growth of delivery, table reservations, pay at table and order ahead apps has created its own global connectivity problems. The market has become fragmented across POS, Apps and venues making it difficult and costly to connect multiple Apps and POS. Doshii enables venues to provision Apps quickly and cost-effectively through the Doshii marketplace. I’m looking forward to helping take the company to the next level in its global dominance.”

Clive is proven in global sales, go-to-market strategy, and customer satisfaction. He has an established track record of maximising the growth potential of a range of businesses. Clive understands first hand the pain that venues endure in connecting the range of Apps to their in-store POS. His knowledge across the space from ordering to reservations and two-sided marketplaces is a big win for Doshii.


About Doshii 

Doshii enables hospitality and retail merchants to connect a range of Apps to their in-store Point of Sale (POS) systems to ensure venues are embracing digital technology necessary to drive today’s modern operation effectively and efficiently.

With Doshii, businesses can discover and seamlessly connect a range of Apps including 3rd party delivery, payments and digital wallets, online ordering, kiosk and table ordering, digital menu boards, reservations, customer loyalty as well as access to real-time analytics via the Doshii Dashboard. For further information –

Doshii and Beverage Analytics combine to deliver advanced analytics and offer insights to venues in real time.


Doshii and leading hospitality insights company, Beverage Analytics, have combined technologies to bring venues a real-time view of how their operation is performing in the beverages category. The integration means venues no longer need to develop and maintain multiple integrations – they can simply connect a Doshii Certified POS once via the Doshii API to have access to some of the most advanced analytics in the hospitality POS space.



With an initial successful Pilot program recently completed across 200 venues buying and supplying CUB products – driving better insights to venues on what they are selling and allowing better control over wastage.

Developed by international IoT company WeissBeerger, Beverage Analytics connects thousands of sites all over the world, giving these venues a huge advantage over those who have failed to take advantage of this market-leading solution.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says the combination of the Doshii API Platform and Beverage Analytics’ software gives venue managers a detailed view of market trends, allowing them to boost revenue through smart recommendations and targeted promotions from their beverage suppliers.

“The Doshii Platform with Beverage Analytics means large volumes of data can be processed lightning-fast, giving venue owners a real-time view of how they’re performing,” he says. “This allows them to track draught beer and other connected beverages and see what’s happening in their business 24/7.

“Importantly, it gives them incredible insights into market trends, including how their venue is performing compared with others in the vicinity.”

These insights come from secure, cleaned, anonymised data, so there’s no risk of competitors seeing what they shouldn’t.

Beverage Analytics benefits from the seamless integration with Doshii’s stable of connected ordering, payment, loyalty and reservation Apps. Doshii takes responsibility for integration and communication, allowing Weissbeerger to focus on developing its great product even further, instead of trying to manage hundreds of unique integrations.

“The Doshii integration also enables us to access to large batches of data more efficiently and faster. As Doshii grows locally and abroad it exposes the Beverage Analytics solution to a larger number of customers via the Doshii marketplace, which provides us easier scale” the company says.

Beverage Analytics

Other key Beverage Analytics benefits and features are:

  • Pinpoints the source of any beverage waste and suggests how to resolve this.
  • Provides detailed business insights, including revenue from beverages and volumes poured.
  • Provides smart recommendations, including optimal pricing, combos, menu changes and new products.
  • Provides performance figures by beverage category and product.
  • Tracks waste and quality by brand and line.
  • Notifies of under-, or over-pouring or after hours consumption.
  • Gives access to real-time data via the Beverage Analytics dashboard from anywhere via mobile and web.

WeissBeerger says their company is thrilled to partner with Doshii and they look forward to “scaling together in the Australian and international hospitality industry”.

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To contact Beverage Analytics, email, ring (587) 682-628, or visit

Meet the Doshii team: Alex Levine, Ops Manager

At Doshii we’re lucky to be surrounded by a talented, intelligent, and motivated team. In this series, we’ll learn more about the people behind Doshii.

Meet Doshii Operation Manager, Alex Levine.

Before returning to Australia, Alex worked in London, where he consulted and implemented Oracle technologies for various well-known companies. His most recent role was with Oracle itself.

Alex says, “I started my career as a database administrator with Mazda Australia, implementing new Oracle systems and working extensively with Oracle’s ERP (E-Business) Suite. I’m excited to have joined the Doshii team, where I have the freedom to use all of my skills to make things better for our customers.

Alex has hit the ground running since he started in late 2018, providing support and guidance within Doshii’s trial environment. He has also proved himself a great asset with integration partners, stepping them through the API integration development process, often able to point out implementation tips & gotchas.

He’s ready to jump in with any issues that might happen within Doshii’s live environment too – helping venues, Apps and POS to test, evaluate and connect with ease.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says the addition of Alex’s database and middleware skills add real depth to this vital part of the business. “Alex has international experience in the private and public sector,” he says, “He has slotted into the team perfectly and our customers are really enjoying working with him.”

Alex also has oversight over Doshii’s documentation – making sure it’s available and easy to understand. He’s brought his experience automating and streamlining processes into play within the Doshii environment, making sure Doshii’s services are robust and scalable and support is continually improved.

He’s already been singled out for his contribution, with some great feedback from the Doshii community: “The APIs are really easy to integrate with, and the support team has been helpful and quick to respond to any questions,” was one comment from a recent integration.

“Reach out to me on Slack if you have any questions,” says Alex. “I’m here to make your integration smooth and painless.”


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Doshii welcomes Silicon Valley Product and Marketplace specialist as strategic advisor

Doshii is pleased to welcome former Head of Product across the Uber Developer Platform and Silicon Valley maven, Chris Saad, as a strategic advisor to the team advising on Product development and go to market strategies both locally and across Asia. He has come on board to lend his vast experience and skills to further develop the Doshii platform and Doshii App marketplace and ensure best-practice and insights for developers and venues connected to Doshii.

Chris has an impressive track record in the tech sector, including founding and building a series of successful startups – running most as CEO. He was the former Head of Product for the Uber Developer Platform, co-founder of the Data Portability Project and co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Echo.

“Using my background in Silicon Valley, my goal is to help startups avoid common mistakes and fast forward to the best possible answers,” says Chris. “My approach is very tactical and hands on. I’ll be helping the Doshii team execute a holistic go-to-market strategy and exponentially grow their two sided marketplace with developers and venues.”

He now works with a handful of selected startups, including Doshii.

Chris enjoys sharing his skills and expertise with companies that are making a significant and meaningful impact on their world. “Doshii unlocks the heart of a venue – the POS – and makes it cloud-accessible for third-party developers,” he explains. “This is the same type of ‘unlocking’ of potential that the iPhone did by making the phone a computing and apps platform in people’s pockets.”

Doshii’s modern, Silicon Valley-style approach to tackling innovation is what attracted Chris to the company that he had been keeping a keen eye on for over 12 months. “They come at it with a holistic worldview – not just payments or ordering. Their solution is unique in the market across a variety of use cases,” Chris says.

Chris is Australian and has been based in San Francisco for the past 10 years. While he shares his expertise with companies all around the world, he has a particular passion for helping Australian startups take on the world.

Doshii CEO and Founder, Sean O’Meara adds, “Chris and I have been in discussion for over 12 months. He is a welcome addition to our team and brings immense experience and value to what we have set to achieve – a platform to allow venues, Apps and POS to test, evaluate and connect with ease. The developer experience is just as important to us as to the venues’ experience in working with Doshii, and Chris is assisting us across these two key aspects.”

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What is Doshii Certification? Guided integration to a secure API platform

In today’s fast-moving software environment, it can be easy to become complacent over the need for testing and certification. This is particularly true for any work that is customer-facing. Consumers will very quickly vote with their thumbs if an experience is anything less than positive. Neutral won’t cut it, and a poor experience could mean you lose credibility in the highly competitive App and POS market.

With our years working in the App and POS space we’ve seen success and failure first hand and we’re absolutely convinced that a little time spent up front will save you an exponential amount of time fixing anything you might have missed.

Your success is our success, and as we’ve implemented many integrations, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with any new Apps or POS who partner with us from the start. One reason is to help any new partners understand best practice, so they can avoid delays before they go into pilot and then into production.

We like to start by talking through your software and sharing our experience and guidance to help speed up your integration and highlight some common potholes. This way we can both be confident there are no nasty surprises when your App or POS is deployed. The end result is a simplified and much smoother process when it comes to testing.

Certification gives you, us and venue owners confidence that the Apps or POS they are working with has ticked all the necessary boxes.

Doshii Certification Checklist

With Doshii, we tailor the certification process according to whether you are an App or POS. There’s no point in making anyone feel like they’re jumping through unnecessary hoops. The result is a certification pre-flight checklist, which gives everyone confidence that all the bases have been covered.

This is all discussed up-front during initial consultation. It’s a collaborative process where we all have a say, and where we can all be sure that no use cases are missed.

Make no mistake, we’re on a constant learning curve too. First, certification helps us learn what our partners are working on, so we can modify our API to complement what you’re doing. And second, if you do need to check in with us for support further down the development track, we’ve already had a walk-through of your software and have a first-hand understanding of it. This helps us talk you through how to navigate any issues that might crop up.

3 Simple Steps to Certification

  1. Trial – evaluate Doshii API
  2. Integration implementation
    • Developer walkthrough & kick-off including likely Certification scenarios
    • Integration Development
    • Pre-certification walkthrough: a 1-hour session to identify cases and smoke-test
  3. QA
    • Certification attempt – 1-2hr walkthrough session (can be remote)
    • Pilot


What Exactly are the Benefits of Certification?

  • Confidence that any Apps or POS will work as designed and that software will plug and play, with little or no intervention needed.
  • The required standards have been met and shared across the platform.
  • The App or POS is best-of-breed for its particular niche.
  • There is strong support from Doshii during development and post-launch.
  • You get the most out of Doshii’s knowledge and experience.
  • There is a simplified, guided development lifecycle.
  • Less redevelopment due to initial assessment and planning
  • Certification ensures the platform is secure with each integration tested

What Does this Mean for Apps and POS?

Venues can have confidence that certified Apps will plug and play and feel confident supporting them. Likewise, Apps can have confidence that no matter which POS they connect with, or what changes are made to a connected POS, their integration will continue to work seamlessly. This frees up developers to focus on what they do best, with less stress.

POS, in turn, can feel secure they can offer a wide range of services to augment their product, and that they will work without any problems. Certification gives everyone in the ecosystem confidence.

Why Should You Prioritise Certification?

  • It ensures important properties aren’t missed, such as reference IDs.
  • You are able to subscribe and unsubscribe to a venue and understand the onboarding process.
  • You can be confident important data, such as payments, reconciles.
  • Depending on which services you want to utilise, basic use cases will be conducted depending on which type of App you are. For example, there are different use cases if you are an ordering, payment or reservations App.

Are you interested in learning about the development process with Doshii? Click here to get in touch and find out more.

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Round up of the new Doshii API Platform features from 2018

Doshii’s API platform grew significantly during 2018. We saw a number of leading App & POS companies join the Doshii network. which has led to some new features coming directly through our partner community. This allowed our App and POS partners to focus on their core strengths, leaving us to take care of data transfer and connectivity via a single, one-time integration with our API. Here are some of the highlights of the new features added this year.


Doshii Dashboard

The release of the Doshii API Dashboard provides an easy way to manage and monitor all API integrations from a single location, in real-time. It provides a valuable window that gives users confidence all their integrations are working smoothly.

Through the Doshii Dashboard, users can quickly and easily view and manage all registered venue locations from a single console, which also shows all connected App and POS instances. The user-friendly interface allows quick venue onboarding, issue debugging and configuration of new connections. Easy-to-read, meaningful statistics are also presented for monitoring connection points.

Read More Here


POS Initiated Payments (PIP) and Pre-orders

POS Initiated Payments were developed through consultation with Doshii’s Community Forum. With PIPs, POS initiates a transaction using Terminal ID and Application ID, which are optional. Payment Apps are then notified of the new transaction request and may handle it as per the current process.

The pre-order feature developed in 2018 allows customers to pre-order their meal when making a reservation, leading to a more pleasurable and relaxed dining experience. This is facilitated by new endpoints, which support dine-in options ahead of check-in, using a booking ID.

Read More Here


Webhooks, health checks and Gift cards released in version 3.2

Another initiative that came out of the Doshii Community Forum – and released in v3.2 – is the development of webhooks, in addition to existing support for WebSockets. While most web service APIs support a standard RESTful request/ response mode of interaction, some may provide additional or alternative options via webhooks or WebSockets. This enables different means of communicating with an API, with strengths and weaknesses of each option that vary depending on the context in which they’re used.

Read More Here

Also released in v3.2 is improved health check monitoring of connected venues, including the ability to monitor real-time health of connected venues, telemetry around POS version and network latency between the Doshii API and the venue.

Gift card activation and balance enquiry endpoints were also added to v3.2. Functionality now exists to activate gift cards with the gift card provider via POS in real-time.


Bulk Data API, image support and added product codes released in version 3.4

Released in v3.4, the Bulk Data API provides the capability to retrieve large amounts of data in bulk through an optimised asynchronous process.

This version also supports images and other digital assets, allowing venues’ POS and Apps to link images of venues, menu items and members to partners, improving the customer experience. This feature supports ordering, payment and loyalty Apps that all face the same challenges: constantly changing menus at venues as well as new, modern payment options, including being able to identify customers via facial recognition.

Doshii’s image processing ability facilitates this by displaying the image of a customer’s face (if they choose to opt-in) on the POS in real-time as a payment method and also allows recognition with loyalty App partners. Biometrics dramatically improve the customer experience and make purchasing more secure – giving future-facing companies like Doshii a head start over the competition.

Read More Here

Version 3.4 also added support for menu item product codes. To improve product identification, most standard product codes (SKU, PLU, GTIN-#) can now be pushed to Doshii from POS to help Apps enrich the end-users’ experience. They do this by obtaining assets such as images, as well as extended descriptions from external sources.


Comprehensive API integration series

Doshii CTO, John Twomey, produced an excellent series of articles covering everything our partners need to know about API integration. Topics include:

With more articles on API integration security, and integration monitoring coming soon.


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Newly appointed Doshii Chairman sees opportunity to improve connectivity in hospitality and retail worlds

Doshii’s new Chairman, Andrew Rothwell, is a visionary. The self-described “extroverted software engineer turned company strategy, product and sales leader” co-founded business banking startup and success story Tyro Payments in 2003 and now has his eyes set on rising star Doshii.

Doshii’s API Platform lets consumer Apps and traditional and digital payment methods connect to hospitality and retail venues, delighting consumers and improving productivity for venue owners and operators,” he says. This ‘delight’ factor is important to Andrew – he wants Australians, as well as visitors, to be able to use their favourite Apps at their favourite venues.

“I want people’s lives to be more enjoyable when they eat, drink and play,” he says. “It’s important that venues use technology to its maximum capability to better serve their customers. To do this, they need to connect a myriad of Apps in most cases to their in-store Point of Sale system. Additionally, venues need access to insights about performance, so they can grow their business by reducing costs, driving revenue and increasing efficiency.”

In addition to his role as Chairman at Doshii, Andrew will assist in expanding the breadth and depth of Doshii’s POS and App network. He will also work closely with the team in continuing expansion throughout Asia and beyond and across other markets such as retail and health in the future.

Doshii is a real-time data exchange platform like nothing else available on market. The technology is years in the making and provides enormous benefits for Apps, POS, venues and consumers to connect and reduce costs. This is a classic example of technology that I believe will help build Australia’s future as a prominent global tech leader.’

He explains that technology increasingly influences education, which in turn builds bridges between academia and the commercial world. This helps develop strong, technology-focused companies, effectively driving a vibrant technology-based economy.

“The output of these companies will help enrich the lives of not only Australians but people around the world” he explains.

This foresight is not built on an ethereal dream; Andrew has significant credibility in the world of technology, with over 35 years of experience in the sector. His 14+ years as co-founder and ‘Chief Tyrant’ at Tyro saw the company’s transaction volume grow from $0 to $11B, and employee count from 3 to almost 400.

He sees great opportunities for POS providers, in particular, to harness Doshii’s API Platform, which connects Apps with POS in real-time. Given his hands-on experience in this sector, his insights are worth noting. “Apps, POS and venue operators can all get the tools they need to better serve their customers and each other by utilising the one integration via the Doshii Platform.”

“If POS providers can provide a better experience for their venues and in-turn their venue’s customers, their POS becomes more valuable to the venue operators,” he explains. “If you have Apps connected with POS at a venue, reporting and analytics are a snap. You can do market testing easily, by measuring the effectiveness of offers, staff, products and everything they use Apps for in the venue.  With such tight margins these days venues need to reduce costs wherever they can.”

“If you’re a venue, it’s important for your customers to be able to engage with you in whichever way they choose. This means being able to make reservations, order, pay or be loyal using their favourite app. This kind of customer experience becomes very difficult, expensive and time-consuming without a single integration using an API platform like Doshii’s.”

For Apps, he stresses that Doshii’s integration allows them to get on with the business of developing new features, without having to worry about the time and expense of managing multiple integrations. This in turn allows Apps to get to market more quickly and efficiently.

‘With Apps the biggest cost isn’t just the initial integration development to different POS platforms. The real cost is in maintaining these integrations, release cycles and backward compatibility. It is literally impossible to manage without having a huge team of developers dedicated to integrations, and even then the costs are astronomical.  Doshii’s platform, market clout and capability supports a wide array of Apps operating across different segments, allowing access at scale.’

Doshii CEO and Founder, Sean O’Meara, says he is thrilled to have Andrew on-board and excited to have him on the Doshii journey. “Our developers were impressed from day one with Andrew’s knowledge. Over the past few weeks, Andrew has worked closely with the team across a variety of areas.

“Andrew is a company builder with significant experience in the payments and data sector. We are looking forward to working with him to continue our expansion both locally and abroad and will soon be releasing specific features to drive benefit directly to venue management, including  enriched venue data via the Doshii Dashboard, which is free for venues to access.”

“He will be an evangelist and assist with strategy and execution across all areas.  We’ve known each other for ten years and the timing was right to align ourselves on something we both truly believe in – something that brings value to so many involved; consumers, venues, Apps and POS. Andrew joins an amazing Board of Directors and will ensure we’re focused on building on our great momentum, helping Doshii become the preferred technology choice for connecting consumers and their Apps with venues and POS systems,” says Sean.

“Other than continuing our core service offerings, the team have been busy enhancing the Doshii Dashboard. This will allow venues access to metrics and business performance which will soon allow benchmarking for venues to see aggregated and anonymised trends. We want to drive more value to venues using Doshii Certified POS.”

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