Doshii and Bluflow Integration


Doshii is thrilled to announce a partnership going forward with a Bluflow integration. Bluflow’s solution which creates advanced digital menu systems is already popular with many businesses, but thanks to a collaboration with Doshii for a reliable POS connection this technology is set to become even more efficient.


After initially meeting with Doshii to discuss an integration strategy, Bluflow were able to implement a certified solution within weeks. Bluflow is excited about the benefits of this integration with Doshii, and the additional features gained by Bluflow customers from a linked POS system.


About Bluflow


Bluflow offers an innovative solution for POS systems. It allows businesses to coordinate their digital menus and sales, as well as encouraging a more creative approach through attractive digital signage and displays to focus customer attention. It works across all digital screens simultaneously, meaning updates can be quickly applied across the entirety of any business’s system. Their software was developed especially for the hospitality industry, where Doshii provides input into some of Bluflow’s biggest clients.


Through Bluflow, companies can create live digital menus, tailored individually to their requirements as a business. When looking for a display and menu solution for a small local cafe, or a far-reaching approach for a distributed network of POS systems across a multi-million dollar franchise, together Bluflow and Doshii provide the ideal software.


Benefits of Doshii & Bluflow Integration


This new App and POS integration will mean employees using the POS technology will no longer have to repeatedly enter the same information, but instead, find they are able to quickly and efficiently update their menu information and save time as a result. The unique aspects of Bluflow’s approach to POS and business management will allow Doshii clients to add another, more creative dimension to their business. Whether promoting particular products or special offers or effectively advertising new services and future events, with Bluflow and Doshii your business will be able to achieve a far more streamlined approach to digital menus and POS systems.


Together, Doshii and Bluflow have created an innovative digital signage solution. There’s no longer any need to individually update multiple POS systems, instead, this integration will allow for seamless synchronisation.

Watch a video to learn more:

Get started with Doshii and Bluflow


Many businesses have already discovered the ways in which they can revolutionise the way they operate with Doshii. We’re always looking for new ways to expand and improve, and our recent developments thanks to Bluflow integration are proof of this.


If you’d like to find out more about how your business can make things easier for employees and customers alike, get in touch with us today by giving us a call on +61 3 8609 1931. Our friendly customer service team are equipped with all possible information about the services offered by Doshii and are always happy to speak to new businesses and answer any questions or help you get set up.


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