The 3 big benefits to hospitality venues of Obee and Doshii’s POS integration

Bespoke service at a restaurant is the best it’s ever been – or so you thought. POS Integration company Doshii has joined forces with online reservations platform Obee to make eating out the most personalized and straightforward service yet.

POS integration API - Obee Doshii


  1. Unrivalled in-house service


A huge benefit of this integration is having knowledge of a guest’s purchases in the past, meaning restaurant owners can cater to individual needs before their diners even arrive. Got a customer who likes a specific wine with their meal? You’ll be prepared to recommend your best to them when they get there and. And for those who often spend more or tip more than the average customer, why not offer them a better table and any specials they often enjoy?


Restaurant owners will no longer have to manually track this effort, they will have instant on-demand access to this knowledge because Doshii will record POS (Point Of Sale) purchases in the Obee app. This provides a direct interface between POS transactions and the Obee Reservation platform. With detailed knowledge of every customer’s preferences, it’s easier than ever to take service to the next level. Thanks to the integration you can now plan for your guest’s visit and give them the personal touch they so obviously deserve.


  1. A technological turning point


Another massive benefit of the new alliance between Obee and Doshii is the fact that Doshii allows Obee to interact with multiple POS systems. This is a problem Obee and many other Hospitality Apps have been striving to overcome for years, with many restaurant owners requesting POS Integration. By standardising the integration practice of countless POS technologies, Doshii has paved the way for Obee to store detailed customer data across the 700 plus restaurants currently using the app. This represents an enormous technological stride forwards which could be utilized by many other fine-dining establishments looking for a way to personalize their service on a mass scale with ease.


  1. Personalized marketing


Restaurants can now give their guests the personal touch when they’re not even in-house. How? Thanks to the new integration, knowledge about client’s tastes and preferences will be stored online instead of with the guy who left two months ago, meaning eatery owners can give their guests marketing campaigns to make their mouths water.


Seafood fanatics can be sent this week’s catch of the day to remind them what they’re missing out on, and those who enjoy a few bottles of wine on a Wednesday can be made aware of the specials on drinks next Friday to encourage them to pop in more often. This is all made possible through the integration tying sales to customers, allowing restaurant owners to give their guests a personalized marketing campaign with simplicity.


In conclusion

It’s clear this integration allows restaurants to better understand their customers and provide a better quality of service, which will encourage a lot of repeat business at their venue. It allows restaurants to better understand their clients.

This one integration enables Obee to connect with a number of POS systems. And for any POS connected to Doshii to be automatically connected to Obee reservation. This satisfies their customers frequent request for POS integration without the need for a manual integration with each one. Individual integrations with each POS would not make sense for Obee or most other apps in the hospitality industry as they would need to manually integrate and maintain each integration over time.

The pilot date for the new integration is mid-November, and we’re certainly looking forward to eating out!


‘Very pleased to be working with Owen and the guys at Obee who have an amazing client base and a tailored product. Obee always look to provide the best possible software for their venues, proven again by utilizing the full extent of the Doshii reservations integration. The guys at Obee work very closely across all their venues to ensure the product fits with the business requirements.’ Sean O’Meara | Doshii CEO


‘We’re excited to announce our Doshii – Obee integration with live in-venue trials scheduled for mid November. Doshii solves a massive pain point for Obee by standardising the way we integrate with multiple POS providers running different platforms and technologies. Venues running Obee are going to see a great deal of value from this integration in the way of better service for their guests, gaining detailed analytical insights and from a marketing perspective running segmented and personalised campaigns.’ – Owen Parry | Obee Founder


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