Australian Venue Co. With Mr Yum Makes Selection, Ordering And Payment Processing Easier With Doshii Technology

Australian Venue Co (AVC) is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences across a national portfolio of restaurants, bars, pubs and dedicated event spaces. AVC is a top-notch hospitality group that has grown by nearly 3000% in the past 5 years.

Each AVC venue is focused on utilising its own unique character and charm. By building a highly skilled team at the venue whose goal it is to implement best practice operations, consistently deliver exceptional service and create amazing experiences for their customers.

Mr Yum whose web platform is used at AVC sites has partnered with Doshii. The Doshii API has connected the platform directly to the venues Point of Sale (POS) system which ensures a frictionless order placement and payment experience for the venue patron.

Kelsi Lewis, Applications Manager at AVC says “Australian Venue Co. operates 158 venues across Australia and as such implementing technology to drive efficiency across our venues is a must.  We are pleased to work with the knowledgeable Doshii team who assisted us with connecting our in-store POS to a number of Apps and have recently gone live with Mr Yum.”

Using a smartphone camera to scan a QR code, Mr Yum allows the customer to view an image of the actual dish or beverage. Being beautifully photographed the viewer can also see the portion size and detailed descriptions to avoid food FOMO. The venues menu is fully searchable, translates each dish ingredient into a number of languages and can filter menus into categories like vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. At the Winter Village, customers get an SMS when their order is ready to be picked up.

The customer can place an order via their device directly to the venues POS system. Payment is then taken seamlessly. The Doshii API ensures that this process runs smoothly and without any sense of friction to the customer or venue.

Kelsi continues “Orders from consumers own devices are quickly processed by allowing our customers to scan a QR code and be redirected to a web-ordering page, complete with images of all the items that we sell.  Once the order is complete and payment is made the order is sent directly to our POS system and prints out at the relevant areas, reducing cost and resulting in faster orders.”

Doshii Managing Director, Clive Thorpe says “Using Doshii technology to link two systems with a common API that eliminates the hassle and annoying wait for customers who just want to have fun at The Winter Village was a fun project. Now with Mr Yum web platform showing menus, adding items to a cart and processing payment are as easy as 1,2,3 for the patrons and venues”

Watch the video of Mr Yum being used and bringing the Doshii API at The Winter Village here


The Winter Village is a free pop up event  and it has recently been extended to run until 29 September 2019.

This is a euro-style winter wonderland at the top of the Skyline Terrace at Federation Square in Melbourne.

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