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We make it simpler to integrate
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Venues click to initiate your custom
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Sales & Marketing

We provide an app store, monthly
mail-outs & sales team to support
your go-to-market strategy.

Doshii's API

Use the Doshii API to facilitate order-ahead apps to communicate directly with the venue POS systems. Eliminate the need for manual entry and avoid costly mistakes when placing customer orders to the venue from multiple ordering platforms and removes reconciliation issues at end of trade.

Integrate Payment devices direct with POS to improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience. Doshii provides real-time access to all check information including Tabs, Tables, and Orders and facilitates full, partial and split payments to happen with ease.

Facilitate, and track bookings in real-time via all connected systems with recent customer activity including ordering and loyalty information readily available. Provide real-time revenue reporting to your customers through your reservations management app as well as real timetable status information directly from the venue’s POS system.

Gain deeper insights into your customer’s spending habits and encourage repeat service with built-in support for various discount, points, redemption, and promotional Apps and Loyalty programs.

Get access to the data across our network to extend the features of your app and provide valuable insights and reporting to your customers. Real-time analytics are available by integrating into other software platforms and applications.

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Doshii is a Cloud Platform that plugs
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Easy to use REST APIs. Sandbox with real-world data. Access to Pilot Venues for early testing

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