All the critical business Apps you need to run a successful hospitality business. All in one place.

Our Mission

At Doshii, we’re all about maximising the value we can provide through a single API integration. By making things simple for our customers, our goal is to revolutionise the hospitality and retail industries through innovative and unique applications of technology.

Teamwork & Integrity

Our strength comes from how we work together, and we pride ourselves on our integrity. When you partner with Doshii, you become part of our family.

Keeping Things Simple

We don’t need to overcomplicate things to look cool – we’re quick and easy to integrate, and that’s all we need to be.

No Bull

We call stuff as it is, always. Why would you do anything else? Our word is our most valuable asset, and we’ll only make promises we can keep.

Continual Improvement

At the core of our development model is the Test, Fail, Learn approach. We’ll never stop looking for ways to improve our product for you.

Delivering Real Value

We’ll only spend our time on features that provide real business value to you. We work closely with our partners to keep every feature relevant to you and your work.

The Doshii Board

Andrew Rothwell

Andrew Rothwell co-founded Tyro Payments Limited and served as its Director of Sales. During Tyro’s early years, he designed and developed a number of the core transaction processing systems on which Tyro’s business operates.

Sean O’Meara
Director & CEO

With 13 years experience in Point of Sale development and deployment, Sean is a serial entrepreneur who originally identified the Doshii problem and set forth to develop the API and platform. Sean has been on-board as CEO since August 2017.

Simon Beckett

Simon is the Managing Director of Wells Fargo with 22 years of experience in leadership roles across financial services in Europe, Asia, US and Australia and brings strong commercial experience in M&A as well as innovation and strategy leadership.

Simon Cant

Simon Cant is a Co-Founder and Managing Director Reinventure Group. Simon has spent his career working on innovation, both through venture and corporate innovation.

Michael Starkey

Mr. Starkey co-founded iSelect in 1999 and spent eight years at NAB most recently holding the position as General Manager Deposits and Payments. Michael resigned from NAB in April last year and has recently co-founded Athena Financial aimed at innovating the value chain for mortgages.

Chris Sullivan

Chris is Coca-Cola Amatil’s Group Director of Partners and Growth. Chris will be assisting drive strategic Apps, POS and Partnerships to the Doshii Platform.

The Doshii Team

Justin O’Donnell
Chief Executive Officer

Justin has over 15 years’ global financial service experience in digital, product and strategy. Justin was heavily involved in the design and delivery of TymeBank in South Africa and most recently was the country head for Klarna Australia, responsible for its build and launch.

Josh Franklin
Chief Commercial Officer

With more than 20 years experience leading cutting edge Food & Beverage and Retail Technology startups, scale-ups and global multi-nationals, Josh brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the Doshii team.

Greg Williams
Chief Operating Officer

Greg has worked in a broad range of companies/industries, in Australia and the UK: Banking & finance, major events, telecoms and healthcare in both technical and business roles.

John Twomey
Chief Technology Officer

I’ve been an IT professional for 20 years working in both Australia and the U.S for large companies like CSC & Sun Microsystems as a senior developer, architect and development manager