In hospitality, there are three magic words that get thrown around a lot. No, not I love you (although we do hear that from customers every so often). Point of Sale is what everyone’s talking about in the hospitality industry. And for good reason. An online POS is one of your best resources. Think of it like having your own team of specialists working behind the scenes, ensuring everything’s working the way it’s supposed to. If you want to become or remain a leader in the hospitality industry, you need an online POS system, stat. Here’s why:

1. Know your best sellers

If you’re a restaurant, café or hotel with lots of employees, you’ll know how hard it is to keep track of them at all times. Online POS systems make it easy for you to track how each team member is going, based on the revenue they bring into your store, their attendance, the sales targets they hit and the number of bills they process. This won’t just make it easier for you to highlight problem areas. It will also make it simple for you to reward best sellers, and even automatically offer incentives for high sales. Workforce management software like Tanda and Deputy can make staff management even more effective.

2. Love your customers

Online POS systems means better CRM. Email receipts directly to your customers and keep
them up to date with sales and specials by sending regular e-newsletters. You can also track
what they want to buy and offer them points for every sale. Or why not introduce a loyalty
program by offering discounts to your loyal clientele. Check out Impact Data and MyGuestList
as great ways to boost your loyalty offerings.

3. Data in a click

Put away the logbooks. With Online POS systems you can easily find out where you stand in your business, all within a few clicks. All your transactions will be captured by your POS software, which means you can simply discover how much you sold in a day, week, month or even a year. You can also find out your sales based on area or category, whichever is important to you.

4. Technology at your fingertips

Through the open API of POS systems, you can connect all sorts of different apps and technology platforms – accounting, ordering, rostering loyalty, e-commerce and loyalty– directly into your POS. The new challenge – for both apps and POS – is how to avoid spending all their time building these connections. Enter Doshii. Your go-to platform that connects to a range of POS and apps. Doshii helps Cloud POS get access to more apps faster, and helps Legacy POS use an open API so they can give their customers access to the same technology partners that a Cloud POS can. Simple!

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