Activate Botty for your venue with Doshii 

About Botty

The majority of customers now engage with a business without ever speaking to an actual human, so Botty found a way to make technology work for them and for business.

Botty & Doshii are better together

A massive percentage of customers now buy goods and services without ever speaking to another person. So Botty designed automated bots to enhance the experience of customers who prefer self-service to ringing up a phone number — which is most people!

Botty was launched across South East Asia and United States throughout 2019 – enabling venues and their customers to place orders directly through to a POS system using Facebook Messenger, Web and Google ordering.

Botty offers an intuitive experience for customers and business staff alike. Features include fast and convenient ordering, and a personalised experience that lets customers skip the queue. Botty also gives businesses a specialised communication channel with customers for loyalty, discounts, referrals, and surveys.

Doshii simplifies app integration to get you up and running with Botty in no time. Together with Doshii, Botty can provide the ultimate in self-service satisfaction.

Ordering and Delivery Plans


Connect all of your online sales and payment apps directly to your kitchen.

  • Free until 30 April 2021
  • Doshii Guide
  • Doshii Connect
  • Email support
  • 1hr setup assistance
  • All Online sales and Payment Apps
Per Venue/Month


Access Digital Menu Management and premium support

  • Free until 30 April 2021
  • Doshii Guide
  • Doshii Connect + Menu Management
  • Premium Support
  • 1hr setup assistance
  • All Online Sales and Payment Apps
Per Venue/Month

Other Plans

Business Management

  • Table Management
  • Time & attendance
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Music & more…
Per Venue/Month/App

Last-mile Delivery

  • Connect your online ordering platforms with specialist dispatch & delivery tracking services
  • Push phone orders immediately through your POS to logistics platforms
Per Venue/Month/App

Need something customised for your business?


Speak to your Doshii Account manager about tailoring a solution that works at scale for you.
  • All premium services
  • Account manager
  • Custom development
  • Tailored pricing